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Public Transport

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Better public transport, and more people using it, is important for healthier cities.

In Perth only about 8% of daily trips are made by bus, train or ferry. In country WA public transport services are limited. Public transport provides a critical mode of travel for low-income earners, but it needs to become a mode of choice for many more if we are to reduce car dependence.

The STC promotes public transport, along with cycling and walking, as preferred modes of travel that need greater attention in urban and regional areas.

You can read the STC press release on the new southern railway line as well as the one from the Conservation Council of WA here. The STC also participates in the WA Rail Advisory Council (WARAC) and you can read the terms of reference of WARAC.

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“There is a widespread recognition that improving the sustainability of city transport systems requires a shift in the balance of travel away from private vehicles towards greater use of public transport, cycling and walking.

If public transport is to make a significant contribution to the long-term health of our communities, this usage needs to be increased to at least 12% in the medium term (5-7 years), with a longer-term target of 20% market share.

Providing regular, reliable and affordable public transport is the first step. This requires a long-term political commitment…”

Transport Choice brochure by BIC, ARA, UITP and CITA

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