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You can go almost anywhere on a bike, but only a fraction of trips in WA are pedal powered. Cycling offers a healthy, environmentally friendly way to travel in cities and beyond – so getting more people on their bikes is important for sustainable transport. In late 2003 STC launched its new bicycle transport (text version-35kb) (or PDF version- 1.1MB) policy proposing what we think Federal, State and local governments should be doing to encourage greater levels of safe cycling in Perth.

Perth’s topography and weather make cycling a good choice. Extending the network of routes on paths and roads and improving facilities like secure parking will make cycling convenient for more people. STC has also developed a longer discussion paper (doc- 125kb) with more proposals and recommendations for government staff to consider implementing.

The STC works with cycling groups such as the BTA to seek a better deal for WA cyclists.

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“Every day, Perth residents make 240,000 private car trips that are less than one kilometre. By converting these trips to walking or bicycle trips, we would be doing ourselves a great service. There are personal benefits such as exercise and health, cost savings, social interactions, and pleasure.

There are also community benefits such as less pollution, noise, road congestion, accidents and parking problems… With the natural advantages of Perth there is great opportunity to adapt urban design to the needs of safe bike riding and elevate it to a far more legitimate transport mode.”              Bicycle Transportation Alliance

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