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The following people are the STC Committee members for the 2015-16 financial year:

  • Convenor Stephen Kovacs
    Stephen Kovacs is a town planner with qualifications in Geography and Urban and Regional Planning. Stephen has worked for several local authorities in Western Australia including the City of Stirling where he helped develop an Oil Risk Strategy to raise awareness of the issues pertaining to the peaking of the world’s oil production and chart a course to help reduce oil dependency in the municipality. Stephen has worked on a number of strategies and projects to help reduce automobile dependency and improve the sustainability of Perth’s urban form. This includes several years of experience at the collaborative inter-agency project know as the Stirling City Centre Alliance that sought to create a sustainable 21st Century City capitalising on the locational advantages of the Stirling Rail/Bus Interchange. Stephen is acutely aware of the need for humanity to contain the size and impact of its ecological footprint. His urban planning work and advocacy efforts through groups such as STCWA is informed by an understanding of the impending source and sink limits to growth including global crude oil depletion and climate change.
  • Bruce Robinson, Convenor ASPO Australia
    Bruce is a scientist, a past Councillor of the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia and a longstanding enthusiastic bicycle transport advocate. He is the founding convenor of ASPO-Australia, the Australian Association for the Study of Peak Oil formed within the Sustainable Transport Coalition in 2005. He has presented invited papers on Peak Oil at conferences in Lisbon, Beijing and Kyoto and at the Energy Security Conference in Sydney. He contributed the background paper to the Oil Vulnerability section of the 2003 WA Government State Sustainability Strategy. Bruce was awarded a Centenary Medal for his work in Sustainable Transport.
  • Secretary Ben Rose
    Ben is an environmental consultant specializing in energy and emissions auditing and carbon sequestration. He has 15 years experience in natural resource management, working with small groups of farmers to improve sustainability in agriculture and 3 years in high school science education. Ben produces information materials for sustainability awareness, including an energy and emissions calculator on He and his wife travel on on two wheels (several bikes including an electric bicycle and petrol scooter) and his interest is inventing, currently working on a patented efficient gas kettle.
  • Treasurer Curtis Clark
    Curtis holds an undergraduate degree in Chemistry and an MS degree in Geology from Lehigh University (USA). He also holds a post-graduate degree in Social Work from the University of Western Australia. Curtis also served on the board of Anglicare WA from 1985 to 2007 and during that time was on the Strategic Planning Committee, the Fund Raising & Events Committee and was Chair of the Governance Committee from 1992 – 2000. Curtis has been a user of Public Transport (bus, train, taxi, bicycle and walking) since giving up his car in 1985. In the later years of the Court Liberal Government in WA he served on the TransPerth Customer Council whose mandate was to provide feedback on public transport operations and policy.
  • Jon Offer