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4 major world cities just agreed to get rid of diesel engines

RENew economy, 5 December 2016
Paris, Madrid, Athens, and Mexico City will ban diesel engines by 2025, mayors of the four major world cities announced this week. The announcement came as part of the biennial C40 conference. Cities have become major catalysts for addressing climate change, and through the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group — a global initiative that brings cities together to plan and share best practices — thousands of climate actions have taken place.

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Neighbours’ fears about affordable housing are worse than any impacts

The Conversation, 5 December 2016
Housing affordability is a hot topic in Australia. Governments are increasingly recognising that more needs to be done to provide a greater range of affordable housing options, especially in the major cities. It is well documented, however, that proposals for affordable housing development often encounter opposition from host community members.

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Two-wheel takeover: bikes outnumber cars for the first time in Copenhagen

The Guardian, 2 December 2016
Denmark’s capital has reached a milestone in its journey to become a cycling city – there are now more bikes than cars on the streets. Can other cities follow?
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NSW Government ditches proposed laws to force bike riders to carry ID

ABC News, 2 December 2016
The New South Wales Government has backpedalled over controversial laws that would have fined cyclists for not carrying identification.
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