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Delhi Cops Will Set Up 200 Barriers To Implement Odd-Even Traffic Rule

Huffington Post, 26 December 2015
Notwithstanding the social media outrage faced by the Delhi government for coming up with the odd-even plan to curb pollution in India’s capital, the authorities are bracing for the impending confusion. According to a report in The Times of India, Delhi’s traffic police have planned to set up barriers across the city and conduct checks at all important intersections.

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Humans are slamming into driverless cars, exposing key flaw

MSN, 19 December 2015
The self-driving car, that cutting-edge creation that’s supposed to lead to a world without accidents, is achieving the exact opposite right now: The vehicles have racked up a crash rate double that of those with human drivers. The glitch? They obey the law all the time, as in, without exception.

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The price drop that’s really worrying big oil

The Age, 24 December 2015
So oil prices crawled off their 11-year low overnight – big whoop. Such gyrations are merely part of the present tussle between supply and demand. There’s a more serious problem hanging over the oil price that won’t be solved by capping a few wells. Passing remarks in a social setting made to me by a former oil industry CEO and current chairman provided some insight into the growing despair about price: uncertainty about how much of the current plunge is merely the cycle, or something structural. In either event, he thought it was only a matter of time before oil went the way coal is going.
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Queensland cycling group and motoring association unconvinced by laws to be introduced in NSW

Sydney Morning Herald, 23 December 2015
Cyclist Richard Bean was riding to work early one morning when he felt a rush of wind as a white van zoomed closely past him. He was certain that the van driver had not left the minimum distance of 1.5 metres that is compulsory for motorists in Queensland when overtaking a cyclist in a speed zone of more than 60 km/h.

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What’s the [US] Government Doing About Soaring Airline Complaints?

Huffington Post, 23 December 2015
Kendra Thornton is an unlikely candidate for government aid, but when Frontier Airlines recently denied her a seat on a flight from Chicago to Denver, that’s exactly what she got. Thornton and her three young children were headed to a ranch vacation in Missoula, Mont. When they tried to check in for their flight at Chicago’s O’Hare airport, an airline representative informed her family that they’d forfeited their seats.

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Solar freakin’ roadways? Why the future of this technology may not be so bright

The Conversation, 18 December 2015
When we are not driving, cycling, or walking on it, a road is just a waste of space, right? Not if it is a solar road! What a perfect combination. When it’s exposed to the sun, the road is generating clean electricity, mitigating our production of CO₂, and hence our impact on global warming.

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ALP survey- Public transport issues in Bayswater-Maylands

Have your say on local issues in the Bayswater-Maylands area by completing the ALP survey.

Urban planners learn to pedal harder

Financial Times, 14 December 2015
The recommended route for a cyclist heading north from Vauxhall, in central London, across the river Thames used to be confusing and intimidating. Official maps directed riders first on to a series of narrow paths that wound round pavements by Vauxhall’s busy streets. Then the cyclist was pitched out on to a bus lane to ride amid six lanes of dense traffic on Vauxhall Bridge itself. But since November, the experience has been transformed.
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Oil tumbles towards crisis-era lows

Financial Times, 14 December 2015
Oil slipped to a new seven-year low in Asian trading on Tuesday after a Monday drop that took it close to levels hit during the financial crisis amid increased expectations of persistent global oversupply. The renewed pressure on the oil price comes amid widespread expectations that the US Federal Reserve will on Wednesday raise rates for the first time in nearly a decade.
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Life in a high-rise apartment: I didn’t see a neighbour in weeks

Domain, 7 December 2015
I can go days or weeks without seeing a neighbour – I live in a ghost apartment tower. When I first moved in I went up and down the halls and I put my ear to the doors, listening for signs of life – television or a conversation. Another human being. And … nothing.
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