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Russia rejects calls for UN tribunal to prosecute MH17 suspects

The Guardian, 26 June 2015

A senior Russian official has rejected calls for the establishment of a UN tribunal to try those responsible for the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine last year. Deputy foreign minister Gennady Gatilov was quoted by Russian news agencies as saying: “We are against it. We think it is not timely and counterproductive.”

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Brisbane median house prices to rise, but apartments to flood the market

Brisbane Times, 29 June 2015

Brisbane is set to buck a national trend and become the only Australian capital to escape declining median house prices in real terms over the next three years. But a BIS Shrapnel housing market outlook also warned of an impending oversupply of inner city apartments.

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Car sales show our economy isn’t motoring along

The Drum, 22 June 2015

A look at recent car sales figures suggests the economy is hardly motoring along, and that workers are yet to believe it's safe to again loosen the belt and make the big purchases.

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These Are the Sad Remains of the Soviet Space Shuttle Program

Gizmodo, 12 June 2015

Russian photographer and urban explorer Ralph Mirebs just published one of the saddest photoseries on space exploration. He managed to get inside an abandoned hangar at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, where two Burans—the prototype space shuttles of the Russian space program—are slowly decaying in their burial crypt.

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Climate: the elephant in the room for developing northern Australia

The Conversation, 22 June 2015

The recently released white paper on developing northern Australia ignores an elephant in the room: climate change. While the paper sees a bright future for the north (roads, rail, dams and food), without considering climate change we can’t be sure the north will even be liveable. The white paper also fails to take into account other environmental constraints such as water and soils.

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The infrastructure Australia needs to make electric cars viable

WA Today, 22 June 2015

Tesla may have ambitious plans for battery technology for the home but it is also looking to upgrade its electric vehicle batteries, which will allow them to travel twice the distance they currently do. So what will be the implications for Australia? While Australia has generally been an early adopter of new technology, electric vehicles pose more of a problem. Anybody who has grown up in regional Australia knows that being the family taxi at weekends for children’s sporting events can regularly mean a round trip of more than 200km.

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Details unveiled of self-driving car crashes

NZ Herald, 19 June 2015

California state officials released reports on Thursday detailing six accidents that involved self-driving car prototypes, reversing a policy that shielded details of how the next-generation technology is performing during testing on public roads.

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There are new rules in the oil market, and they may spell OPEC’s demise

Sydney Morning Herald, 19 June 2015

In 2008, as the oil price was rising to a new high of $US145 a barrel, New York-based energy guru Ed Morse issued a famous call. Oil was overhyped, he said, and would soon fall back below $US100. Incredible as it may seem now, his prediction was met with general disbelief. Morse had positioned himself right at the bottom of a forecasting range that topped out at an eye-watering $US200 a barrel.

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Canning is moving closer to a new start after years under administration!

Canning Accountability, 16 June 2015

Yes, Canning will be changed to a five ward, two councillor per ward local government area soon, although the Minister has yet to announce it (we just got the quiet word). It isn’t necessary, but its a small matter. We have other things to look forward to…

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Time up for Gold Coast high rise as concrete cancer warnings loom

Brisbane Times, 15 June 2015

Dozens of 40-year-old Gold Coast high rise apartment towers built in the 1970s face million-dollar concrete cancer repair jobs similar to the $215 million in repairs needed by Brisbane's City Hall. In 2013 the 20-storey Iluka Surfers Paradise high-rise – built in 1972 – was demolished after concrete cancer destroyed the hotel's structural integrity.

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