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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars Return for Another Run

New York Times, 16 April 2015

FOR decades, hydrogen has been the Dracula of automotive fuels: Just when you think a stake has been driven through its zero-emissions heart, the technology rises from the grave. In 2015, even with gasoline cheaper than it has been in years, hydrogen is back to haunt those who insist that battery electric vehicles are the long-term solution for reducing fossil fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

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Boeing rejects concerns computer hackers could take over jets

Crikey, 17 April 2015

Boeing has dissented from US government agency fears that airliners like the 777 that was operating missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 can be taken over by computer hackers. It issued a statement this morning in response to media interest in a US Government Accountability Office (GAO) report entitled “AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL: FAA Needs a More Comprehensive Approach to Address Cybersecurity.”

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$9-11b Melbourne Metro Swanston Street project to go ahead: Daniel Andrews

The Age, 16 April 2015

The proposed $9-11 billion Melbourne Metro project will be built underneath Swanston Street – despite warnings from the previous Napthine government it would divide Melbourne's CBD for years. Premier Daniel Andrews confirmed the route of the long-promised underground rail line, from Kensington to South Yarra, on ABC radio on Thursday morning.

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Dutch Active Transport > Its Contribution to Physical Activity Requirements

Modern, urban lifestyles
have engineered physical activity out of everyday life and this presents a
major threat to human health. The Netherlands is a world leader in active
travel, particularly cycling, but little research has sought to quantify the
cumulative amount of physical activity through everyday walking and cycling.
This study does that and is published in PLOS One and freely accessible.

Victorian Labor ‘resolute’ on scrapping East West despite Europe protest

The Age, 14 April 2015

Victoria's Treasurer Tim Pallas remains "resolute" in abandoning the East West Link despite protests from Europe about Labor's treatment of Spanish and French companies involved with the multibillion-dollar project. Mr Pallas confirmed on Tuesday morning that the French and Spanish embassies had lodged complaints with the Premier's Parliamentary Secretary about treatment of tenderers Bouygues and Acciona.

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Battery costs drop even faster as electric car sales continue to rise

The Conversation, 14 April 2015

The cost of batteries is one of the major hurdles standing in the way of widespread use of electric cars and household solar batteries. By storing surplus energy, batteries allow households to reduce power bought from the electricity grid. Unfortunately, batteries have so far been prohibitively expensive. But research published recently in Nature Climate Change Letters shows battery pack costs may in some cases be as low as US$300 per kilowatt-hour today, and could reach US$200 by 2020. This cost development is notably cheaper and faster decreasing than I and many others expected.

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The hidden agenda behind the NSW gas crisis hysteria

Business Spectator, 13 April 2015

Today you could hear the egg splattering over the faces of a range of politicians and prominent business journalists around the country. According to these people – which included our current minister responsible for energy, Ian Macfarlane, as well as a past one, Martin Ferguson – unless we started pumping gas out of NSW coal seams, the state was at imminent threat of running of gas.

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Are humans meant to live in high-rise towers?

Crikey, 8 April 2015

Social psychologist and author Hugh Mackay reckons the City of Parramatta’s plan to build more high-rise residential towers is a big mistake because it’s not how humans are meant to live.

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Pedal Power has a $50 million plan for Canberra’s cyclists

Canberra Times, 13 April 2015

Pedal Power has called for a $50 million investment in cycling infrastructure and health promotion efforts from the ACT government's coming budget, including for the completion of a special city bike route. The advocacy group used a submission to the budget process to argue the four-year funding of $12.5 million annually would assist the government to meet its stated goal of 6 per cent of all trips to work being completed by bike from next year, and 7 per cent by 2020.

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Beyond Petrol – Electric Car Seminar: 21 April

Tuesday 21thApril (6.00pm – 8.00pm)

Piney Lakes Environment Centre

Leach Highway (south side) between Murdoch and Riseley streets, Winthrop

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