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Cheap fuel bonanza for airlines not quite what it seems, yet

Crikey, 28 November 2014

It is much clearer to work out what record low oil prices mean for Airbus and Boeing than for airlines, and it isn’t good news for their newest designs. The sales merits of fuel saving new tech engines and airframes are reduced versus cheaper to buy current airliners which means they may have to discount their 787s, A350s, 777Xs, 737 MAXs and A320NEOs even more than they have been.

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Parked cars: a challenge for cyclists

The Age, 27 November 2014

Dealing with parked cars can be one of the great challenges of urban cycling. The most obvious danger is, of course, dooring – when someone doesn't look before opening a door into the path of a passing cyclist.  But even when they are unoccupied, cars parked on the road can be tricky to navigate.

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Plunging oil price could trigger next GFC

The Age, 27 November 2014

The falling oil price will place stress on the global junk bond market, experts say, with US energy companies at increasing risk of default. The plunge in the price is "the most significant risk that could potentially deliver a volatility shock large enough to trigger the next wave of defaults" in junk bonds, Deutsche Bank said.

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Is it the end of the road for Australia’s love affair with the car?

ABC 7.30 report, 20 November 2014

For the first time in history, young Australians are less likely to be buying a car and, even though we have more cars than ever before, we're driving them less, so have we hit peak car?

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Grievance MR C.D. HATTON (Balcatta)

My grievance is to the Minister for Transport about the change to a bus route and end-of-journey bus stop that has occurred since the construction of the Perth City Link project. The change is causing mobility hardship for a number of elderly residents who rely on that service.

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Al Qaeda threatens Australian fuel supplies

Sydney Morning Herald, 1 November 2014

Al Qaeda has urged jihadists to attack oil tankers in two maritime hotspots that supply Australia with up to 70 per cent of its petrol, raising a concern over the nation's near-complete reliance on imported fuel. In the first issue of its English language propaganda magazine Resurgence, the terror group identifies the "energy umbilical cord" sustaining western economies and describes fuel pipelines and shipping lanes as the "Achilles heel of western economies dependent on oil from the Muslim world".

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finding peace in the decaying remains of America’s malls

Crikey, 11 November 2014

You can see it through the intervening car yards, from nearly a mile away,
rising above the swell of the freeway, the landscaped verges and the strip malls
on the other side. White-crested, the higher parapets of it appear first, then
the huge four-storey boxy buildings that make up its mass, and finally the vast
car park that surrounds it, an expanse of grey asphalt. At the car park
entrance, a huge circular sign — "White Flint Mall" — and below it, a series
of seven empty frames in a three-by-three grid, only two filled with logos: Lord
and Taylor, and PF Chang’s Chinese. On the parapet there’s some sort of abstract
design, an indented circle with a bar through it, and it takes you a moment to
realise that this is not modern art, but the place where a similar sign once
was. The place has eight entrances done in white cement, fancy brickwork and
steel, but there is no activity around any of them. The windows are empty, save
for two vast display ones, Lord and Taylor, a women's clothing store.

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