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New ‘private bus club’ for business-class workers

The Age, 26 August 2014

A new "private club" commuter bus service will allow Melbourne's white-collar professionals to shun the unsavoury aspects of public transport but the business' founder has denied it will create a commuter class divide. Next month the start-up company SuitJet will begin ferrying professionals in and out of the CBD every morning and evening.

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People for Bikes, 7 August 2014

We don't have to
dream of a country where protected bike lanes and other quality bike
infrastructure have dramatically improved life for people in poverty. We can
visit it. It's called Denmark, and it's arguably the
most egalitarian country in the world
. Data
published online for the first time suggests that bicycle transportation has
been part of that triumph. Not the biggest part, but a very real one.

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The Chinese Are Now Obligated To Combat Smog As Government Urges More Walking

Business Insider, 14 August 2014

China has issued a “behavioural standards” guide to combat pollution and reduce environmental damage, urging people to do everything from walking and riding bicycles to buying goods with less packaging. The Chinese government has identified public participation as a key element in its efforts to reverse some of the environmental damage done by more than three decades of breakneck economic growth.

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Oil majors gambling US$91bn on 20 high-risk projects

RTCC, 14 August 2014

Green campaigners have sought to block oil exploitation of the Arctic and Canada’s tar sands in horror at the impact on the natural environment. The Carbon Tracker Initiative (CTI) is taking a different tack: highlighting the financial risk of such projects.

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China outstrips Germany to become world’s biggest solar market

PRNewswire, 10 August 2014

Hanergy Holding Group (Hanergy) and China New Energy Chamber of Commerce ("CNECC"), today issued the Global Renewable Energy Report 2014. The report found that China became the world's biggest market for solar power in 2013, with the country's newly installed photovoltaic generating capacity jumping 232% on-year to 12 gigawatts (GW).

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Transurban’s (toll) road to riches

Crikey, 5 August 2014

Australia's biggest toll road operator, Transurban, is raking in the cash again, with traffic, revenues and earnings all up significantly in 2013-14. More growth is also on the way as the giant integrates Queensland Motorways, which it bought for $7 billion in April, and looks to build new roads.

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All about the spin on wind turbines

Newcastle Herald, 29 July 2014

WIND turbines make wind, apparently. At least, that’s what I think the spokesman for state treasurer Andrew Constance was trying to say, when he commented on the government banning wind turbines from the now-privately-owned port of Newcastle.

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