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What really annoys scientists about the state of the climate change debate?

The Guardian, 26 June 2014

“Don’t shoot the messenger,” so the saying goes. But what if that message warns we might want to rethink that whole fossil fuel burning thing pretty quick because it could seriously alter civilization and the natural world for centuries to come, and not in a good way? Time to get the bullets out and start firing, obviously.

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Thatcher, Putin, Coal and Gas

Bit Tooth Energy, 16 June 2014

Back some forty years odd years ago when Edward Heath was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and the coal industry was still nationalized, the miner’s union went on strike, just after the Christmas Season. This followed an overtime ban that had started the previous November. The strike began on January 9, 1972 and lasted 7 weeks.

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‘Tour de Neglect’ reveals huge challenges, incremental progress on Buffalo’s East Side

Gusto, 10 May 2014

On Saturday morning, under a cool and cloudy sky, two dozen bicyclists set out
at a leisurely pace from the newly restored Hotel Lafayette in the heart of
downtown and into what activist and tour leader David Torke called the “oceanic
devastation” of Buffalo's battered East Side.
The group dodged potholes
on traffic-free streets as they rolled past overgrown vacant lots and shuttered
churches with plywood windows, through forgotten alleyways and into some of the
most traumatized census tracts in the eastern United States.

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IMF head says world must come to grips with climate change costs

CBC Canada, 10 June 2014

While Stephen Harper was congratulating Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott yesterday for ending a carbon tax, the head of the IMF was in Montreal urging energy powerhouses like Canada to come to grips with the economics of climate change. International Monetary Fund managing director Christine Lagarde urged economists and central bankers from around the world not to wait for the next round of climate change talks to take action to protect the environment.

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Ming Yang To Build 300 GW Chinese Wind Farm

ALT Energy Stocks, June 2014

Wind power company Ming Yang (NYSE: MY) became China’s latest new energy equipment maker to dip its toe into project finance and development last week, when it announced a new plan for a massive wind farm project in Jiangsu province. Its announcement follows similar moves by many of its peers from the solar sector, and comes as Beijing embarks on a broader plan to clean up China’s air through initiatives like clean energy development.

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Boris Johnson calls for removal of anti-homeless spikes

The Guardian, 9 June 2014

Boris Johnson has called for anti-homeless spikes outside a luxury block of London flats to be removed immediately, describing them as "ugly, self-defeating and stupid". The mayor of London urged the owner of the private block of deluxe apartments to remove the inch-high metal studs, which triggered outrage when a picture of them was posted online at the weekend.

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Bike Share: What weӶe learnt from the Australian experience

Crikey, 10 June 2014

Elliot Fishman explains the reasons for Australia’s lower than expected take up of bike share. He says it may be possible for cities with helmet laws to run a successful scheme.

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Billion-dollar problem: Airlines draw the line on unruly passengers

The Age, 9 June 2014

In ball park figures, it has become a billion-dollar problem: that’s roughly the annual cost of the disruption of airline flights by unruly passengers of which many reading this blog, I suspect, have experience. When you consider that it’s only one in every 40 million people getting on a plane who is the problem, it doesn’t sound major, but, with more than three billion of the earth’s seven billion inhabitants statistically now using air travel annually, it has introduced a whole new set of circumstances in which people masses of people can misbehave: being stuffed into small seats in a vibrating metal tube spearing through the air at 800 kilometres an hour, while being served food and alcoholic drinks.

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Lifting the Lid on Australian Helmet Law

Ian Ker's paper to the VeloCity
Global Conference in Adelaide is online at –
summary appears at first but includes link to full paper. 

The Powerpoint presentation is available at

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Scientists vindicate ‘Limits to Growth’ ֠urge investment in ‘circular economy’

The Guardian, 4 June 2014

According to a new peer-reviewed scientific report, industrial civilisation is likely to deplete its low-cost mineral resources within the next century, with debilitating impacts for the global economy and key infrastructures within the coming decade. The study, the 33rd report to the Club of Rome, is authored by Prof Ugo Bardi of the University of Florence's Earth Sciences Department, and includes contributions from a wide range of senior scientists across relevant disciplines.

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