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Truck driving fatalities alarming

T&L News, 20 May 2014

Data released by Safe Work Australia in the report Work-related fatalities involving trucks, Australia 2003 to 2012 show an alarming number of Australia’s truck drivers are being killed at work each year. In releasing the report, Safe Work Australia Chair Ann Sherry AO said more needs to be done to ensure the safety of these workers and reduce these worrying statistics.

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Heathrow Airport: new runway, doubling of freight capacity planned

T&L News, 20 May 2014

Heathrow Airport has at last begun talking to the freight industry, and in its new expansion plans submitted to the UK Airports Commission, it is expected to stress the key logistics role that Heathrow holds within the UK economy: the submission stresses that 65% of the UK’s AUD760bn air freight exports already travel via Heathrow, and that expansion of the airport’s cargo capabilities is essential for maintaining and improving UK export competitiveness.

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Google’s Self-Driving Cars Have Never Gotten a Ticket

The Atlantic, 19 May 2014

"We have not cited any Google self-driving cars," Sergeant Saul Jaeger, the press information officer at the Mountain View Police Department, told me. They hadn't pulled one over and let the vehicle go, either, to Jaeger's knowledge.

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This Is What a Holy Shit Moment for Global Warming Looks Like

Mother Jones, 12 May 2014

According to two new studies, the collapse of much of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet may now be irreversible. That could ultimately mean 10 feet of sea level rise.

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Airbus sees Perth as future bio fuel hub potential

Crikey, 21 May 2014

Airbus will give an upbeat assessment of Australia’s progress in identifying a value chain for making jet fuel farming a new earner for its agricultural sector at a forum in Perth today. The cause for the optimism, tempered by some hard headed analysis of the challenges as well as the opportunities, is the just released findings of a two year study of a proposed Mallee scrub to aviation fuel enterprise published by the Future Farm Industries Cooperative Centre (CRC).

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China’s New Urbanization Plan: Obstacles and Environmental Impacts

 Sustainable Cities Collective, 13 May 2014

On March 16th, China’s State Council released the “National New-type Urbanization Plan,” a long-awaited top-down effort to utilize urbanization as an engine for economic growth in the near future. The plan details an ambitious series of goals the government seeks to accomplish by 2020. However, speeding up the urbanization process will have far-reaching environmental and social effects for China.

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492. Hon KEN TRAVERS to the parliamentary secretary representing the Minister for Transport:

(1) On what dates have new B-series railcars arrived in WA in 2014?

(2) On what dates did each of these railcars enter service?

(3) On what dates does the government expect new railcars will arrive in WA over the rest of 2014?

(4) On what dates does the government expect each of these new railcars will enter service?

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IEA: We underestimated solar but we’re still in serious strife

Climate Spectator, 13 May 2014

The International Energy Agency has released a progress report on how the world is tracking in decarbonising its energy supply and progressing low carbon technologies, and the result is not good. It finds that while clean energy technology deployment in emerging economies has rallied over the past year – making up for declines in the industrialised world – the overall picture of progress remains bleak. Indeed, the level of progress described in this year's report is, according to the IEA, arguably less than what was documented in the IEA's previous tracking report in 2013. The agency believes that on current trends in energy supply and use the world is headed to a 6-degree Celsius rise in temperature which it observes would have “potentially devastating results.”

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Inmarsat offers free airline tracking

BBC News, 12 May 2014

UK satellite operator Inmarsat is to offer a free, basic tracking service to all the world's passenger airliners. The offer follows the case of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which disappeared without trace on 8 March.

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WA Bicycle Network Plan 2014 – 2031 has now been released

Transport Minister
Dean Nalder today released a plan catering for the expansion of Western
Australia’s cycling facilities and growing cycling requirements over the next
two decades.

The Western
Australian Bicycle Network Plan 2014-2031 (WABN) will provide a blueprint for
metropolitan and regional cycling facilities to encourage and support bicycle

The Minister said
there would be a continued focus on building principal shared paths (PSP) in the
Perth area, prioritising those along freeways and railway lines and those within
a 15km radius of the CBD.

A thorough review
of the Local Bicycle Routes network connecting activity centres would also be

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