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Reviving Wind Turbine Syndrome is just what youӤ expect from a PM without a Science Minister

The Conservation, 28 January 2014

So it appears we are to be treated to another pointless examination of a manufactured controversy in the name of health science. One can only guess at the motivations for the Federal Government announcing a NHMRC-led review of the science around the purported health effects of wind farms, but you can be sure it’s not being driven by scientific curiosity.

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Voltӳ 5-year ownership cost is much cheaper than Prius?

30 December 2013

Like a lot of headlines, the one I chose for this article isn’t true. I borrowed it from a website I found in a link in another article called True Cost Of Owning A Chevy Volt Might Surprise You.

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Why Shale Oil Boosters Are Charlatans In Disguise

Forbes, 26 January 2014

Something has bothered me of late: why is the price of crude oil still elevated? Other commodities have taken a battering since 2011. Gold, copper and iron ore – all are way down off their peaks. But oil has seemingly defied gravity. And that’s despite increased supply from shale oil in the U.S., still soft demand particularly in the developed world and declining rates of inflation growth across the globe.

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For Venezuela, the magic land of cheap gas, a big hike

Washington Post, 20 January 2014

Gasoline is so dirt-cheap in this country that the comparison undervalues dirt. Or, for that matter, almost any other element Venezuelan drivers can think of. “It’s cheaper than water,” said one motorist, pointing out that bottled water costs far more than the 95-octane gasoline gushing into his Ford Explorer.

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Big Oil: Why in North American Shale Plays?

Safehaven, 26 March 2013

Major oil companies are in North American shale plays because they have exhausted more attractive opportunities around the world and must replace reserves to support their stock prices.

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Hydrogen cars arrive in Washington נbut are we ready for them?

Washington Post, 27 January 2014

It sounds like science fiction — a car that runs on hydrogen gas, spits nothing but water vapor out the tailpipe, and can take you from Washington to New York City on a single tank. But after a long and bumpy road from futuristic concept car to real-world production vehicle, the first mass-produced hydrogen-powered cars will hit dealerships this spring in the United States, and they are on display this week at the Washington Auto Show.

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Oil price volatility undermines economic growth, says Sir David King

The Guardian, 28 January 2014

Governments need to deter oil speculators, set aside reserves of crude oil and take steps urgently to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels in order to escape price volatility that undermines stable economic growth, according to a report co-authored by one of Britain's top scientists.

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CofP- Proposal for cycle lanes on Barrack Street

The City of Perth is seeking comment on a proposal ( for protected
2-way cycle lanes on Barrack Street – as an interim measure pending full 2-way
traffic operation.

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The secret ingredient for a safer bike helmet: paper

BBC News, 12 January 2014

Lying flat in the middle of the road doesn't usually inspire a eureka moment.
But for one man, having a potentially serious bike accident got him thinking
about a new future for helmet design.

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Interview with Dr. Sadad Al-Husseini

ASPO USA, 20 January 2014

Since the autumn of 2011, a storyline of “oil revolution” and oil abundance–even “North American energy independence”—has taken the US media by storm. That storyline seems to have lifted off in rough tandem with an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal by Daniel Yergin—“There Will Be Oil”—followed not long thereafter with a report by CitiGroup’s Edward Morse in early 2012 forecasting plenty of growth in US oil production over at least the next decade. Many if not most US policy makers, businesses, investors and commentators appear to have largely bought into the broader storyline here.

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