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Indonesia Tries to Jump-Start its Own Shale Revolution

Energy Tribunal, 26 June 2013

Indonesia’s state owned oil and gas major PT Pertamina has shale gas on its mind. The company is gearing up to explore for unconventional natural gas, amid Indonesia’s dwindling crude oil production.

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Alberta Floods Spread as Water Subsides in Oil Hub of Calgary

Bloomberg, 24 June 2013

The worst flooding in Alberta’s history spread to new parts of the province as water levels began to subside in Calgary and other southern Alberta cities hit this weekend by rain-swollen rivers.

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Solar power still better than nuclear in the fight against climate change

The Guardian, 24 June 2013

George Monbiot claims in a gentlemanly article to have won our £100 bet, made three years ago, that solar PV would be at grid parity – the same cost as conventional retail electricity – by 2013. The very good news is that over the past three years, the actual average price of installed residential solar PV has come down some 60%, while the cost of new nuclear has gone up 70% and is still rising.

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74. Hon Lynn MacLaren to the Parliamentary Secretary representing the Minister for Transport:

I refer to the delivery of public transport services, and I ask:

(a) what procedure does Transperth employ for monitoring the reliability of bus services according to their published timetables;

(b) in 2012, which five routes ran the least reliably when compared to their timetabled schedules; and

(c) for each of these five routes:

(i) what was the reason for the lack of reliability;

(ii) which company operated each route; and

(iii) what steps have been undertaken to improve reliability?

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Looking Back at Peak Oil

ASPO USA, 6 May 2013

Peak Oil – the maximum sustainable rate of global oil production – happened in 2012. That’s one of the main conclusions of a new report, Fossil and Nuclear Fuels – The Supply Outlook, released in March 2013 by the Energy Watch Group (EWG). This event will have profound long-term implications for how advisors should manage clients’ portfolios, and how clients should plan their future expenses.

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Oil Industry Declares War on Ethanol

Financial Sense, 12 June 2013

I just finished reading a story that made my blood boil. It was about how the oil industry is using dirty tricks to keep the ethanol industry in check. I need to sit down, take a deep breath, and make sure everyone knows of the atrocity that has happened in Kansas.

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Darkness and Debt: German Cities Get Creative to Slash Costs

Der Spiegel, 19 June 2013

Outwardly, at least, Germany is thriving. But some 130 billion euros in combined debt are forcing communities to find creative ways to cut costs. The city of Goslar, for example, hopes that killing the lights at night will bring a brighter future.

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Buckling Highways: German Autobahns Can’t Stand the Heat

Der Spiegel, 20 June 2013

The extreme heat blanketing much of Germany over the past two days has triggered buckling in the country's famed autobahns, and in one location in Bavaria a rip in highway pavement resulted in the death of one motorcyclist and injuries to several other motorists on Wednesday.

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NSW government to shoulder risk of $10b WestConnex motorway

Sydney Morning Herald, 18 June 2013

The first stage of the $10 billion WestConnex motorway will be solely funded by the NSW government in an effort to shore up private sector confidence in the project before possibly offering it for sale. In a significant departure from the traditional model for public private partnerships for major infrastructure projects, traffic usage levels on the road would be established before private investment is sought.

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Indonesia parliament paves way for fuel hike amid protests

Google News, 18 June 2013

Indonesian lawmakers on Monday approved a revised budget in a move that paves the way for the first hike in fuel prices since 2008 amid nationwide protests against the measure. As masked protesters hurling Molotov cocktails clashed with police outside the national parliament in Jakarta, lawmakers inside voted 338 to 181 in favour of the state budget following more than 10 hours of debates.

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