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Terrible toll-road track record in Australia

ABC Radio National, 20 December 2012

Australia has one of the worst track records for toll-road projects in the world, with a string of projects in major Australian cities failing to meet their traffic forecasts. The Federal Government is currently looking at why we're getting the numbers so wrong.


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Making tracks for Milton

Brisbane Times, 20 December 2012

Nearly 60 per cent of apartments in Brisbane's first transit-oriented development have sold off-the-plan, with construction due to start next month. Developer FKP has embarked upon the $210 million development, on Railway Terrace alongside Milton train station, selling 170 of 298 one and two-bedrooms apartments from $495,000. "More than $100 million of apartments have now sold off-the-plan in the project," marketing agent Bryce O'Connor said.

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The Trash We’ve Left on the Moon

The Atlantic, 19 December 2012

Earlier this week, two probes that had spent the past year orbiting the moon for NASA's GRAIL mission slammed into the lunar surface, destroying themselves and their communications connection to Earth. None of this was an accident: Crash-landings like this are a typical method of bringing unmanned lunar missions — and unmanned planetary missions in general — to a close. This means, however, that NASA's typical method of mission conclusion involves, inevitably, leaving debris strewn on planets across our solar system.

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Future production from U.S. shale or tight oil

Econbrowser, 18 December 2012

I attended the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco two weeks ago at which I heard a very interesting presentation by David Hughes of the Post Carbon Institute. He is more pessimistic about future production potential from U.S. shale gas and tight oil formations than some other analysts. Here I report some of the data on tight oil production that led to his conclusion.

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Seeing double: Beijingӳ solar stunner

Climate Spectator, 13 December 2012

It is no secret that Chinese solar manufacturers are struggling, many flailing under debt loads so big they would be bust if it weren’t for the generous backing of the nation’s banks. What few comprehend however, is just how strategically Beijing views the sector. It is a burgeoning industry China wants to dominate in the next decade.

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Iraq Boom Hands Naimi 2013 Oil-Supply Challenge

Bloomberg, 15 December 2012

Iraq’s biggest jump in oil production since 1998 is increasing the burden on Saudi Arabiato lower crude exports to prevent price declines next year. The kingdom curbed crude output in November to a 13-month low, according to OPEC. Iraq plans next year to pump as much as it did when Saddam Hussein came to power three decades ago, its oil minister said Dec. 9. Supply will also rise in Libya andNigeria while the U.S. experiences an oil shale bonanza.

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Leaked IPCC draft: Human climate link stronger than ever

Climate Spectator, 17 December 2012

International climate scientists are more certain than ever that humans are responsible for global warming, rising sea levels and extreme weather events, according to a leaked draft report by an influential panel of experts. The early draft, which is still subject to change before a final version is released in late 2013, showed that a rise in global average temperatures since pre-industrial times was set to exceed 2 degrees Celsius by 2100, and may reach 4.8 Celsius.

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All Roads Lead to Natural Gas-Fueled Cars and Trucks

Forbes, 15 December 2012

RoyalDutchShell is changing lanes. While oil development will continue to dominate its portfolio, the energy developer is now making plans to invest heavily in liquefied natural gas, or LNG. Shell, and others, see the export of the super-cooled natural gas as a lucrative venture.

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Sri Lanka raises gasoline price to record to cut losses

Yahoo! News, 15 December 2012

Sri Lanka increased the price of gasoline by 6.7 percent on Saturday to a record level to prevent state-run Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (Ceypetco) suffering further losses, an official said. Sri Lanka raised the price of a litre of gasoline by 10 rupees to 159 rupees, a record high level in terms of the local currency.

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Jamaican exports not worth cost of imported fuel

The Gleaner, 16 December 2012

Trade data unearthed through website has revealed that the value of all the island's exports from January to August this year would fail to cover the cost of importing petroleum products for the same period. Total exports for the period valued US$1.1 billion or J$97 billion, while imported petroleum products valued US$1.6 billion or J$142 billion. This represents a US$500 million, or J$45 billion trade deficit on petroleum products alone.

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