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Final Strategic Energy Initiative, Energy2031

The Strategic Energy Initiative, Energy2031 is the Western Australian Government’s strategy for our energy future.

During 2010-2011, the Office of Energy undertook extensive consultation to identity the challenges and opportunities facing the energy sector. Following a review of feedback received from the consultation period, the Public Utilities Office provided advice on strategic energy directions to the Minister for Energy. The Energy2031 Final Paper, outlining a vision and 20-year plan, was released in August 2012.

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Greener cars have improved L.A. air quality

Christian Science Monitor, 25 August 2012

Given the length of time the U.S. Government is taking to set new gas mileage standards for 2025,you’d be forgiven for thinking the only benefit from driving a high gas-mileage car is the savings you make at the pump. You’d be wrong. Driving high gas mileage cars equates to lower tailpipe emissions, less air pollution, and a healthier population.

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Release Of SPR: Itӳ What We Do In Election Years

The Big Picture, 23 August 2012

The chart [below] shows the amount of oil in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR). Highlighted on the chart above are the five releases of oil from the reserve. In 1996 and 2000 these releases occurred during the presidential campaign season for what seemed like no urgent need. The other three occurred because geopolitical events or weather disrupted supply – 1990 (Desert Storm), 2005 (Hurricane Katrina) and 2011 (Arab Spring with Libya going off-line).

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Air India on the runway

WA Today, 25 August 2012

The oft-promised, oft-postponed arrival of a new Indian plane on an Australian runway appears to be one small step closer. At present, there are three new, ready-to-go Boeing 787 Dreamliners – painted in Air India's red and yellow livery – at Boeing headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina. Air India wants to put these long-haul craft into service flying to Australia, or on another route that would free up planes to make the trip to Melbourne or Sydney.

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Fears plan will hinder hopes for high-speed rail

Sydney Morning Herald, 27 August 2012

THE state's business lobby has lashed out at the O'Farrell government's major plan for the future of Sydney's train system, warning that it could forever preclude the development of high-speed rail through the city. A report commissioned by the state's business chambers says the government's plan for a second rail crossing of Sydney Harbour fails to consider using that crossing for high-speed trains, which could come from either Newcastle, the central coast or the Illawarra, or eventually from the ACT, Queensland or Victoria.

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Dutch pay the price for poor housing policy

Macro Business, 23 August 2012

In June last year, I published a detailed article,
entitled Dutch show how not to run housing policy, which argued that the
Netherlands housing system all but guarantees unaffordable housing and a
susceptibility to housing bubbles, via:

easy credit, with a third of mortgages guaranteed by the government;
interest tax relief and generous subsidies offered to home buyers;

dysfunctional rental market that encourages households to strive for
owner-occupation; and

4.severely restricted
housing supply, which ensures that changes in demand flow predominantly into
homes prices rather than new construction.

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Double-decker buses to run again in Sydney

Sydney Morning Herald, 23 August 2012

Double-decker buses are returning to Sydney, as part of a government trial to free road space across the city. The first bus, unveiled this morning by the Transport Minister, Gladys Berejiklian, will enter service on Monday, running routes between Blacktown and the north-west suburbs. And seven more will start in the new year, operating routes between the city, the north-west, and the northern beaches as part of the trial to run until 2014.

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Bike haters parked in the Jurassic

Sydney Morning Herald, 23 August 2012

What is the sound of a dinosaur? History does not record. Increasingly, however, the sad, lost roarings of the O'Farrell government make plausible mimicry. Attacking cycleways, in contradiction even of its own roads experts, just sounds more prehistoric than ever.

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Lomborg misleads Gottliebsen up the carbon path

Climate Spectator, 22 August 2012

Yesterday Business Spectator’s Robert Gottliebsen covered an interview he did with Bjorn Lomborg, of ‘Skeptical Environmentalist’ fame, suggesting that putting a price on carbon was bound to fail. Instead we should largely do nothing to reduce emissions in the short-term other than a small $5 carbon tax, and instead focus on scientific research into renewable energy funded through this small carbon price.

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We’re still on the slippery slope to peak oil

New Scientist, 20 August 2012

IN 2007 former US energy secretary James Schlesinger claimed the arguments in favour of peak oil – the key theory that global production must peak and then decline – had been won. With production flat and prices surging towards an all-time high of $147 per barrel, he declared, "we are all peakists now".

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