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Oil Depletion and Local Government: What can we do?

This seminar was the fifth organised by the STC with a focus on local government. It was held on Thursday 14th September 2006 at the City of Stirling. This page has background information on the speakers and copies of their presentations. Brochure (pdf oil_depl_seminar_stirling 195.20 Kb )

This workshop focuses on the practical alternative solutions to the rising petrol prices faced by residents of local government. It explores challenges for councils seeking to reduce transport energy use, lower emissions and to support sustainable transport. If petrol prices continue to rise too rapidly, or plans by the State and Federal governments are not enough, what can local councils do? This workshop will give you some ideas to put in place straight away.


Councillor David Michael – representing the City of Stirling Mayor Terry Tyzack, opened the seminar.

Lucy Carew-Reid serves as the Sustainable Transport Officer at Cities for Climate Protection, ICLEI-A/NZ (Local Governments for Sustainability) in Melbourne. She has a background in sustainable urban design and provides topic support, practical examples and a forum for exploring implementation challenges for councils seeking to reduce transport emissions. Lucy will talk about the Cities for Climate Protection Campaign and local government transport issues.

(Lucy’s talk- pdf iclei_stc 3.59 Mb)

David Rice has been involved with some initial mapping on what sections of WA’s suburbs will be most hurt by rising petrol prices as well as other factors such as access to public transport. This will be the first public presentation of these initial efforts by DPI in WA at identifying residents most at risk of further petrol price rises.

(David’s talk- pdf trspt-vulnerability_rice 3.86 Mb)

Ian Ker is an experienced transport consultant and will talk on how local government can effect real change in light of looming further rises in transport energy.

(Ian’s talk- pdf oil-depletion_ker 1.75 Mb)

David Worth is the Convenor of the STCWA and has studied the issue of Australia’s oil supply for some years and will give a brief overview of the peaking of world crude oil production and what it means for Australia. He will conclude his talk by looking at some ideas of how local government can address rising petrol prices using examples from Australia and overseas.

(David’s talk- pdf planb_worth 3.58 Mb)