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Solar May Produce Most of Worldӳ Power by 2060, IEA Says

Bloomberg, 29 August 2011

Solar generators may produce the majority of the world’s power within 50 years, slashing the emissions of greenhouse gases that harm the environment, according to a projection by the International Energy Agency.

The Greens Public meetings 20 Year Public Transport plan

You are invited to find out more and have your say about the long term planning for Perth's public transport. The State Government has released its 20 year plan for public transport in Perth and now is your chance to have your say.

Coal seam mining petition

Carcinogenic chemicals have just been detected in 5 water bores around the QLD town of Dalby. Debbi (pictured with her daughter) is a young mother from the area. We met her last week as we continued our research into coal seam gas mining. Angela, thanks so much for signing the petition. See Debbi's story below – we need to make sure all our friends, family and colleagues join with us and sign the petition to stop coal seam gas mining until it's properly regulated

What went wrong with the global recovery?

Financial Times, 18 August 2011

As recently as six months ago, mainstream economic forecasters were expecting real GDP growth to be comfortably above trend in 2011, and surveys of business activity were hitting new peaks. Of course, everyone knew that the underlying condition of the western economies was still very weak, but that did not seem to be sufficient to prevent a continuing normalisation of economic activity, with GDP returning slowly towards pre-recession trends.

The true cost of our airports

The Age, 29 August 2011

There are only two countries on earth that decided to fully privatise their airport systems, driven by the idea that governments have no place running commercial businesses. Both countries, Australia and Britain, have created disasters of high costs and poor service for consumers. The British airports monopoly is being dismantled to separate the previous common ownership of London’s Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports.

Baillieu’s wind farm crackdown

The Age, 30 August 2011

THE clean energy industry has warned it will invest away from Victoria, potentially costing the state $3 billion, after the Baillieu government announced Australia's most restrictive planning laws for wind farms. In a victory for wind farm opponents, the government will amend planning laws to give households power to veto wind turbines within two kilometres of their homes.

Diesel fuel crisis deepens

The Egyptian Gazette, 27 August 2011

A renewed diesel fuel shortage, which has hit Egypt's gov- ernorates over the
past few days, has left many truck drivers fuming Friday.

Trains That Run Like, and on, the Wind

New York Times, 21 August 2011

It will not be easy to run a national railroad on renewable energy like wind, hydro and solar power, but that is what Deutsche Bahn of Germany aims to do, for one simple reason: It is what consumers want.

Our Oil-Constrained Future

Mother Jones, 26 August 2011

I've talked a few times (first here, most recently here) about the possibility that world growth is now constrained by oil production. The basic story is simple: As long as there's spare oil-production capacity, increasing demand caused by economic grow

Nightmare over: Boeing’s Dreamliner finally approved to fly

Sydney Morning Herald, 29 August 2011

Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner won approval from US and European Union regulators on Friday, setting the stage for the first delivery of the aircraft to Japan's ANA after three years of production delays.