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Driving Straight Into Catastrophe

Common Dreams, 24 January 2011

Despite repeated warnings by environmental and climate experts that reduction of fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions is fundamental to forestalling global warming, disaster appears imminent. According to the latest statistics, unprecedented climate change has Earth hurtling down a path of catastrophic proportions.

If Britain Starts Fuel Rationing, Could US Be Next?

CounterCurrents, 22 January 2011

This week, a group of the British parliament released a plan to start rationing fuel within the next ten years (see Could the US follow suit? The plan calls for the government to issue an equal number of

New report quantifies just how much a car commute crushes your soul

Grist, 21 January 2011

Car commutes sap your life force — that's common knowledge. But can you quantify exactly how much, and how quickly? The Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M University can. It's just released its annual Urban Mobility Report, which includes data on how much time, money, and mental health urban-area car commuters lose to conges

Quebec government reverses stand on shale gas, 24 January 2011

After months of assurances that shale gas development is safe — including a suggestion that cows give off more greenhouse gas than shale gas wells — the Charest government reversed its position on Friday. "The industry is not in control of the situation," Environment Minister Pierre Arcand told reporters Friday, adding he is "extremely concerned."

Report Questions Role of Shale Gas as Bridge to Low Carbon Future

Reuters, 19 January 2011

Without a global carbon price, the expanding shale gas boom would exacerbate climate change and take money away from renewable energy projects, a new report said, calling for a worldwide pause until countries take steps necessary to lower the risks of the new wave of drilling. The report from the well-respected Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at the University of Manchester is one of the the first to try to measure the global warming implicati

China announces high-speed rail link to Singapore via Vietnam

CNNGo, 19 January 2011

China has announced plans to build a high-speed railway linking the southern Chinese Guangxi Zhaung autonomous region with Singapore via Vietnam, according to China Daily. The first

IEA sounds oil price alarm

Upstream Online, 17 January 2011

With oil prices surging towards $100 a barrel, market eyes are on Opec to see whether the producers group will boost crude supplies to dampen prices. IEA executive director Tanaka told reporters on the sidelines of an industry conference that Opec "needs to show more flexibility" in increasing oil production according to Reuters. "If the current price continues, it will have a negative impact," he said.

We’ve “Entered the Era of Extreme Energy”

How else to describe this, but as a form of mass insanity. Just when we know we need to be learning to live on the surface of our planet, off the power of sun, wind and waves; We are frantically digging to get at the dirtiest, highest emitting stuff imaginable…

Goldman Says Ҕoo EarlyҠfor OPEC to Raise Oil Output

Business Week, 17 January 2011

OPEC is unlikely to boost oil production amid rising prices because global inventories are still above five-year averages, said Jeff Currie, London-based head of commodities research at Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

Abu Dhabi wrestles with gas dilemma

Financial Times, 17 January 2011

When Conoco­Phillips announced last April that