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After thousands of years, Canada’s ‘majestic’ ice shelves disintegrating

Vancouver Sun, 28 August 2010

Canada is home to plenty of ice, but the ancient, undulating ice shelves on the north coast of Ellesmere Island are something special. For starters, the shelves are "beautiful landscapes," says earth scientist John England, at the University of Alberta, who considers the "majestic" shelves i

BP Internal Report Said to Find Engineers Misread Gulf Well Test Results

Bloomberg, 29 August 2010

BP Plc’s internal investigation of the Deepwater Horizon rig disaster found company engineers misinterpreted pressure data that indicated a blowout was imminent, according to a person familiar with the report.

Brazil Needs Billions to Drill Really Deep

Newsweek, 29 August 2010

Brazil has a sunken-treasure problem. The discovery three years ago of a huge offshore stash of oil unleashed a gusher of nationalist euphoria. At somewhere between 9 billion and 15 billion barrels, it was the largest find in the Western Hemisphere in more than a quarter century.

Natural Gas Supply on the Rise

Seeking Alpha, 29 August 2010

The [US] federal government’s Energy Information Administration (“EIA”) reported an in line increase in natural gas supplies, attributable to relatively warm temperatures in most regions that led to robust electric generation demand for the commodity.

Left standing by China’s bullet trains

Sydney Morning Herald, 26 August 2010

Three years ago China had planned to lay 13,000 kilometres of high-speed railway by 2020, which would be more than the rest of the world combined. Then the global financial crisis intruded and Beijing brought that 2020 deadline forward by eight years, while redefining ''high speed'' to mostly mean faster than 350 km/h, rather than 250.

[US] Feds fund new rapid buses, leave out hovertrains

Grist, 9 July 2010

We're starting to see some tangible progress from President Obama's Smart Growth/Livability initiative — a joint venture of the Department of Transportation, Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Environmental Protection Agency — which announced

Hanging on to our assets

Online, 26 August 2010

At the Mt Druitt “Town Meeting” Julia Gillard came very close to revealing the true state of affairs regarding Australia’s escape from the worst aspects of the GFC. Ms Gillard asked each member of the audience to indicate if their family would have been able to continue to pay off a mortgage had one of the partners lost his or her job during the worst of the financial crisis. I wasn’t present but I assume there were quite a few who

Gulf Oil Spill: Rick Steiner Got BP Disaster Right From The Beginning, Warns Crisis Is Far From Over

Huffington Post, 25 August 2010

I first spoke to Rick Steiner more than three months ago — about two weeks into the Deepwater Horizon disaster — after a source recommended I talk to him for a story I was writing about the spill as a teachable moment. Steiner is a marine conservationist and activist in Alaska who started studying oi

South America Enters the LNG World

Energy Trends, 20 August 2010

South America is about to change from a region of natural gas self-sufficiency to a source of demand for liquified natural gas (LNG) imports. A peak in production in long-time producer Argentina has caused natural gas shortages in the Southern Cone while political issues are affecting exploration and development in Bolivia and Venezuela, the two nations with the largest gas reserves.

‘Cash for clunkers’ car dealers investigated

USA Today, 23 August 2010

The government is investigating at least 20 car dealerships it claims violated the rules of last year's cash-for-clunkers program. Government auditors say up to $94 million in rebates may be ineligible because they lack the proper documentation.