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Next STC meeting: 16 August

The STC hasn't met for a while, but the next Committee meeting is on Monday 16th of August. Current agenda items are:

  • Report: State Transport Infrastructure Summit
  • Report: Moving Cooler Round

Global Oil Supply Now Contracting?

Early Warning, 27 July 2010

It's too soon to remove the question mark from the end of the post title, but not too soon to be talking about the subject. For a number of months now, I've been tracking the fairly rapid recovery in global oil production, after the end of the great recession.  I even pointed out that there was enough spare capaci

Light Rail and Canning Bridge Forum, 12 August

Community members from both sides of the river and anyone interested is invited to attend a community forum on Light Rail and new developments in the Canning Bridge Precinct. We'll meet at 7 p.m. on 12 August 2010. The venue:  64 Kishorn Rd, Mt Pleasant 6153, an easy and pleasant walk from the train or bus stations.

Oil Production During Deleveraging

Early Warning, July 21, 2010

I've been musing on the interaction between a) an extended period of economic stagnation/contraction due to <

Tassie should turn nuclear

The Mercury, 22 July 2010

WHAT if I told you Tasmania could keep its clean green image, have a development project as big as the hydro scheme, and bring back Lake Pedder to its original state? What if you could have the pulp mill and yet see an end to old-growth logging? This is what Tasmania could have if it embraced nuclear power and became the electricity generator for the nation.

The shale gas fairytale continues

Financial Times, 18 July 2010

There comes a moment towards the end of any financial bubble when even sceptics wonder if they are wrong, and trees really can grow to the sky. They see grey suited investors with the shining eyes of religious converts, gazing on the Revealed Word of sell-side PowerPoint presentations, and feel a little foolish.

That’s how I’ve felt recently about the

European Parliament Recognises the Importance of Cycling

Bike Europe, 21 July 2010

Recently the Transport and Tourism committee of the European Parliament recognised the role of cycling as a crucial mode of transport for urban areas. The Transport and Tourism committee reacted to the Communication by the European Commission entitled “A Sustainable Future for Transport”.

Reinventing the Gasoline Engine

Technology Review, 2 June 2010

A new engine concept developed by researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison could cut fuel consumption by about 30 percent in cars and by almost 20 percent in heavy trucks. In gas-powered cars, the new design would add little to the cost of the engine. In heavy-duty trucks, it would substantially reduce costs by elimin

Pint-Sized Car Engine Promises High Efficiency, Low Cost

Science Daily, 2006

MIT researchers are developing a half-sized gasoline engine that performs like its full-sized cousin but offers fuel efficiency approaching that of today's hybrid engine system–at a far lower cost. The key? Carefully controlled injection of ethanol, an increasingly common biofuel, directly into the engine's cylinders when there's a hill.

EIA: The China Syndrome

Econbrowser, 29 June 2010

Last time out, we looked at the supply of oil in the EIA's recently released International Energy Outlook (IEO), which many consider the EIA's definitive annual forecast. This time, we look at the demand side, specifically China. Oil demand does not grow linearly with GDP. Rather, the bulk of oil demand growth occurs in the t