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So Long, Salad Days

Newsweek, 24 February 2010

Five years ago, when oil prices were climbing steadily and economists were stoking fears about peak oil and gas, it seemed that major energy producers like Russia were holding all the cards. Then-president Vladimir Putin spoke of his country as an "energy superpower" and used energy supplies as a blunt instrument of Kremlin foreign policy. Gas cutoffs to Ukraine caused panic in Europe, while Western energy companies fell over each other to ge

GM Said to Not Win Chinaӳ Approval for Hummer Deal

Bloomberg, 24 February 2010

General Motors Co. failed to win approval from Chinese regulators to sell its Hummer brand to

New NASA Web Page Sheds Light on Science of Warming World

Science Daily, 23 February 2010

NASA has launched a new Web page to help people better understand the causes and effects of Earth's changing climate.

EPA’s Gradual Phase In of GHG Regs Garners Qualified Praise From Senators

New York Times, 23 February 2010.

Facing mounting pressure from congressional lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, the Obama administration yesterday vowed to gradually phase in climate regulations for industrial sources.

Biodiesel, in Subsidy Drought, Finds Few Friends

BNet Energy, 19 February 2010

Woe is biodiesel. After a vital $1 per gallon tax credit to biodiesel producers expired on January 1st thanks to political neglect (likely a side-effect of the health care fight), the only incentives the industry enjoyed were vague pro

World’s top firms cause $2.2tn of environmental damage, report estimates

The Guardian, 18 February 2010

The cost of pollution and other damage to the natural environment caused by the world's biggest companies would wipe out more than one-third of their profits if they were held financially accountable, a major unpublished study for the

BTA AGM- 7 March

6pm, Tuesday 9th March 2010 


City West Lotteries House, 2 Delhi St, West Perth WA.



Peak Oil: Looking for the Wrong Symptoms?

The Oil Drum, 18 February 2010

If I were to ask 10 random people what they would expect would be a sign of the arrival of “peak oil”, I would expect that all 10 would say “high oil prices”. Let me tell you what I think the symptoms of the arrival of peak oil are:

1. Higher default rates on loans
2. Recession

Furthermore, I expect that as the supply of oil declines over time, these symptoms will get worse and worse—even

Big Oil Pulls Out. Is It RIP for Cap and Trade?

BNet Energy, 16 February 2010

It wasn’t long ago that cap and trade legislation was the darling of a growing segment of the business world, as well as many areas of the United States. But in shifting political winds, fame and good fortune have proved fleeting for this once-popular technique for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Bank of America forecloses on house that couple had paid cash for

Tampa, February 2010

Charlie and Maria Cardoso are among the millions of Americans who have experienced the misery and embarrassment that come with home foreclosure. Just one problem: The Massachusetts couple paid for their future retirement home in Spring Hill with cash in 2005, five years before agents for Bank of America seized the house, removed belongings and changed the locks on the doors, according to a lawsuit the couple have filed in federal court.