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China’s rail development on faster track

China View, 26 December 2009

The Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway with the world's fastest train journey at a 350-km-per-hour designed speed, started operation Saturday.  Two passenger trains rolled out the Wuhan Railway Station and Guangzhou North Railway Station at about 9 a.m. and reached the terminals within three hours, compared with the previous 10 and a half hours.

Less oil may spell problems for pipeline

The News Tribune, 27 December 2009

The declining flow of oil from Alaska's North Slope is creating anxiety among executives who run the trans-Alaska pipeline. Within a matter of years, they say, they will need to take costly steps to preserve the life of the 800-mile-long line. If they aren't successful, ice and wax could become a serious problem for the pipeline, increasing the risk of corrosion and spills.

Why OPEC Will Have To Cut Oil Production in 2010

BNet Energy, 22 December 2009

The official line from OPEC, the oil cartel whose member countries include Iran, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria, is crude-oil production will stay the same–the fourth time this year the group has left its target unchanged. The decision was made in large part because oil ministers are happy with the prices, which ha

Wind Turbines: Not Harmful to Health, But Residents Are Up in Arms Anyway

BNet Energy, 18 December 2009

Does “Wind Turbine Syndrome,” in which sufferers complain of fear, increased heartbeat and other symptoms, really exist? Will turbines reduce the value of nearby property? The answers to these two questions were not immediately apparent, but researchers have done their best to allay fears with two studies released this year.

Chilly Climate for Oil Refiners

New York Times, 23 December 2009

Only a few years ago, a cry went up that the United States needed more oil refineries. The perceived shortage was so acute that

Don’t blame the system for winter travel chaos. Stay put

The Guardian, 22 December 2009

Nature loves irony. As Copenhagen's Glastonbury of gloom ended last week and the global warming groupies jetted home, they were greeted by, of all things, a freeze. "Road, rail and air chaos as UK grinds to a halt

Suburbs’ driving dilemma

The Age, 23 December 2009

DRIVERS in the outer suburbs are covering about 155 kilometres more each week than their inner-city counterparts, according to a report into how future petrol price rises would hit Melbourne drivers.

Asia’s LNG Appetite: Chevron’s Share of Gorgon Gas Going Fast

BNet Energy, 17 December 2009

Chevron continues to lock up long-term sales agreements for its share of liquefied natural gas from the massive Gorgon project in Western Australia. The supermajor signed another agreement Wednesday to supply Japan’s Chubu Electric with 1.44 million metric tons per year of LNG for 25 years. Chubu intends to b

North-West shipping service contractor announced

18 December 2009

Transport Minister Simon O’Brien today announced the State Government would contract major Norwegian shipping company, Jebsens to provide shipping services to the State’s North-West. "Communities and industry in the remote North-West will continue to enjoy the benefits of a State-assisted shipping altern

E-bike tests

ExtraEnergy, 24 October 2009

Six test riders clocked up over 2,500 km with 29 pedelecs and one e-bike in two weeks. Those are the vital statistics of the measured test rides in Tanna, which were concluded on Friday 23 October after snow storms, continuous rain and (a few) frosty, blue-sky days. The editorial team accompanied the test team with cameras and notebooks.