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Cycle rage: new rules for pack riders

Sydney Morning Herald, 30 November 2009

Wear bright clothing. Leave MP3 players and mobile phones at home. Never ride more than two abreast. And never travel in packs of more than 20. That's the basic message for cyclists riding in groups contained in new NSW Government guidelines aimed at reducing the increasing number of road injuries and deaths.

Biofuel of the Future – Turning our Garbage into Energy

OpEd News, 23 November 2009

Two overwhelming environmental calamities, simultaneously banging at the door of our consciousness, may very well be more closely related than you might originally think.  Calamity #1: We appear to be quickly running out of oil, the primary source of energy that fuels the planets existence! Calamity #2: We are quickly becoming increasingly inundated by an exponentially growing ocean of trash and garbage!

U.S. Unlikely to Use the Ethanol Congress Ordered

New York Times, 26 November 2009

Two years ago, Congress ordered the nation’s gasoline refiners to do something that is turning out to be mathematically impossible. To please the farm lobby and to help wean the nation off oil, C

The Manufactured Doubt industry and the hacked email controversy

WunderBlog, 25 November 2009

In 1954, the tobacco industry realized it had a serious problem. Thirteen scientific studies had been published over the preceding five years linking smoking to lung cancer. With the public growing increasingly alarmed about the health effects of smoking, the tobacco industry had to move quickly to protect profits and stem the tide of increasingly worrisome scientific news. Big Tobacco turned to one the world's five largest public relations firms


1196. (25 Nov) Hon KEN TRAVERS to the Minister for Transport:

I refer to the Premier’s announcement last week regarding the state government’s latest submission to Infrastructure A

Transportation Pollution and Global Warming

NASA, June 2009

The main anthropogenic global warming culprit is carbon dioxide (CO2), but human activity produces a host of other, shorter-lived pollutants that contribute to climate change, among them gases that react to form ozone smog and fine particles such as black carbon. Until recently, most of the attention paid to these short-lived pollutants focused on their threat to human health. But because these pollutants disappear from the atmosphere relatively quickl

Toyota Will Fix or Replace 4 Million Accelerator Pedals

New York Times, 25 November 2009

The Toyota Motor Corporation said Wednesday that it would fix or replace the accelerator pedals of 4 million vehicles to resolve a widespread problem with unintended acceleration that has stripped some of the luster off the carmaker

G.M. Says It WonӴ Close Opel Plants in Germany

New York Times, 25 November 2009

General Motors said on Wednesday that it would not close any of its four

Recovery over a barrel

Courier Mail, 20 November 2009

OIL is emerging as a potential threat to the global recovery. Crude prices are currently hovering around $US80 a barrel, more than double the low of about $US30 that was plumbed in the darkest days of the financial crisis, and last week the International Energy Agency bluntly warned that "the recent price spike, if extended, risks derailing the recovery".


Grievance MR J.C. KOBELKE (Balcatta) [10.01 am]: My grievance is to the Minister for Planning and relates to two planning matters within and surrounding the Balcatta electorate which are before the minister or which he has recently dealt