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Perfect storm creates cheap international flights

Sydney Morning Herald, 29 August 2009

It could be 18 months before we see the end of ultra-cheap international air fares from Australia because of a unique coincidence of forces in the airline industry.

Nat-Gas Vehicles, LNG Projects Get a Little Stimulus Money Lovin’ From DOE’s Clean Cities Initiative

BNet Energy, 27 August 2009

The case for natural gas just keeps on picking up steam this summer, even if there are lingering concerns of volatility. The latest boost comes in the form of the [US] Department of Energy’s Clean Cities Grants project, which will provide $300 million in stimulus funds to speed up the transition to alternative fuel and energy effi

Bangers and cash

Economist, 24 August 2009

IN ANY love affair the offering of gifts helps to sustain the ardour. But such are the favours showered by the American government on carmakers over recent months, it seems as if politicians have been atoning for a dalliance with another industry (banks, perhaps). Now the giving is at an end. On the heels of multi-billion-dollar bail-outs for General Motors and Chrysler and brief government-assisted bankruptcies, America’s car-scrappage sc

Investment of Commonwealth and State funds in public passenger transport infrastructure and services

Senate report released 20 August 2009 (PDF 1.3MB)-

Give them a bus or train every 10 minutes and they will come

Sydney Morning Herald, 23 August 2009

THE NSW Government could do Sydney's public transport-starved residents a favour by postponing the controversial $5.3 billion underground Metro through the CBD and investing in some quick fixes, an international transport expert says.

Blowing the whistle

Sydney Morning Herald, 22 August 2009

The NSW Government has baptised its new public transport ''super-agency'' with a shiny name – NSW Transport and Infrastructure – and will soon unveil a plan for Sydney's transport. Yes, another new plan.

French transport workers threaten to pollute river Seine

The Guardian, 20 August 2009

First they kidnapped their bosses; then they threatened to blow up their own factories<

Tony Blair: ‘We can’t ask people not to own cars’

The Guardian, 20 August 2009

Despite a projected tripling of traffic in China over the next decade, the focus should be on low-carbon technology rather than sacrifice, says a report by Tony Blair's Climate Group

South Metro Connect to set new benchmarks in environmental planning, standards, and community engage

WA Government, 19 August 2009

Transport Minister Simon O’Brien has announced the creation of the South Metro Connect (SMC) project team to manage the environmental approvals, engineering design and community engagement processes for the proposed Roe Highway extension.


Papers and PowerPoint presentations from the presenters at STC’s “Oil: Living with Less Conference” on August 9th, 2004 are available in the Papers and Policies section of this website.

We were very fortunate to have as the keynote speaker this year Dr Ali Samsam Bakhtiari from the National Iranian Oil Company. A link to his CV and web site with papers etc can be found here. Also, a copy of his recent paper in the Oil & Gas Journal can be found in the Papers and Policies section of this website.

A copy of the STC’s policy on oil vulnerability titled “Oil: Living with Less”  is available in the “Papers and Policies” section of this website.