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This Conference was an exciting opportunity for members of the WA’s community, business and government sectors to consider forward planning issues in regard to the world’s oil reserves being depleted in the next decade (see a graphical representation of this expected event).

Available below are two background papers on the ‘oil rollover’ issue written by STC members Bruce Robinson (a) and Brian Fleay (b):

  • (a) Oil Vulnerability Background Paper (Doc-495k)
  • (b) Natural Gas- “Magic Pudding” or Depleting Resource? (PDF-180k)

A copy of Greg Bourne’s (Regional President BP Australia) BO Conference speech (PDF 200kb) is included here and you can find a report on the Conference by Sonny Inbaraj on the IPS new service web site. You can also find more information on this topic from the Hubbert Peak web site.

This page contains information on the Beyond Oil Conference speakers and program: