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Eddington critics ‘bonkers’: Connex chief

The Age, 31 July 2008

The head of Connex says critics of Sir Rod Eddington's $7 billion proposal to build a rail line running from Footscray to Caulfield are "bonkers".

Stuck in traffic, blinded by bulldust

Sydney Morning Herald, 30 July 2008

Being a denizen of the inner city I don't have much first-hand experience of traffic congestion. I have a terrible intolerance of commuting. I'd rather get walking than wait for a bus and I can't stand driving round car parks in search of a space, which is why I chose to live close to my work (and did so before the inner city became so expensive).

Metro a $12b disaster, says buried report

Sydney Morning Herald, 30 July 2008

THE Iemma Government was warned a month before it announced the $12 billion north-west metro line that it would damage the NSW economy and should not proceed, in a damning top-level report commissioned by the Treasurer and buried by the Premier's office.

Clear the way for buses, urges Carr

Sydney Morning Herald, 29 July 2008

THE former premier Bob Carr has called on the Labor Government to build a network of bus-only freeways as a quick-fire way to get more people onto public transport.

Russia further cuts its oil deliveries to Czech Republic

International Herald Tribune, 30 July 2008

Russia has further reduced its oil deliveries to the Czech Republic, bringing total July cutbacks to 50 percent, senior Czech officials said Wednesday, a disruption that is again calling into question Russia's reliability as an energy supplier to Central and Eastern Europe.

About 2,000 industries ready to shift Saturday, Sunday days-off

Jakarta Post, 27 July 2008

About 2,000 of the country's 6,800 industries have declared their readiness to shift their weekend days off (Saturday and Sunday) to other days, says a spokesman of [Indonesian] state electricity company PLN.

Tollway tipped to create traffic chaos

Sydney Morning Herald, 31 July 2008

THE [NSW] State Government's secret plans for an underground inner-city motorway connected to the M4 will lead to citywide gridlock that undermines its own transport and clean air policies, says the Steer report, a cabinet-level review obtained by the Herald.

Fuel prices worse than SARS, 9/11: Virgin

ABC News, 23 July 2008

Virgin Blue chief executive officer Brett Godfrey says rising fuel prices are doing more damage to the aviation industry than SARS or the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Boom in European low-budget air travel turns to bust

The Guardian, 29 July 2008

The boom in low-budget air travel has turned to bust, Ryanair admitted yesterday, as Europe's largest no-frills carrier warned that it is heading for its first annual loss in 20 years.

Peak oil – the trigger for global sustainability

ABC Ockham's Razor, 27 July 2008

Robyn Williams: So the oil price is beginning to fall. At last. But how far, and for how long? Can we really, as The Age reported a few days ago, expect to pay $ 8.00 a litre to fill the car in 10 years' tim