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Oil scarcity has ‘snuck up on us’, expert says

ABC News, January 2008

The idea that the world's supplies of oil have either peaked or will soon start declining has suddenly gained new respectability.

Tax benefits fuel company car use, says ACF

AAP, 29 January 2008

TAX benefits on company cars is encouraging environmentally-damaging car use, an environmental group says. Treasury tax expenditure figures have projected that by 2009-10 more than $2 billion per year will be spent subsidising the use of company cars.

ACCC courts rival to petrol big four

Perth Nows, 29 January 2008

AUSTRALIA'S competition watchdog says it is courting a new independent player to help drive down prices in Australia's petrol market, having grown tired of excuses from the four big oil firms.

US Govt report on petrol price elasticity of demand

US Congressional Budget Office, January 2008

"Effects of Gasoline Prices on Driving Behavior and Vehicle Markets"

API study on Distribution of Ownership of U.S. Oil and Gas Companies


"Eighty percent of production and 90 percent of reserves are held by state-owned companies. Exxon, which is our biggest, ranks number 14 in the world

Total sees more pressure on oil price

Reuters, 28 January 2008

French oil major Total sees continued pressure on oil prices and will increasingly look for oil in less accessible areas to boost production, its head of exploration told the Le Figaro newspaper.

Platform for change

The Age, 29 January 2008

Melbourne's population is growing by 1000 a week. In two years, the number of people catching trains has risen by 20%. But as the business and school year begins, nagging doubts remain about Melbourne's transport strategy – or lack of it.

Iemma’s Iron Cove ‘folly’ adds to transport mess

Sydney Morning Herald, 29 January 2008

A CONTROVERSIAL plan to build a second bridge across Iron Cove looks set to join the Iemma Government's long list of troubled transport initiatives as construction costs blow out by $100 million – all for a 50-second saving on the time motorists wait in traffic.

Ethanol fuel is not so green

Courier Mail, 25 January 2008

It is not green, it is not economically viable, and any move to mandate its inclusion in fuel would have enormous repercussions for other sectors of Australian industry. It is something of a relief, therefore, to read a just-released parliamentary research paper on the economic effects of an ethanol mandate.

China to build 97 new airports by 2020

ABC News, 26 January 2008

China has announced plans to build nearly 100 new airports by 2020 to cater for soaring demand. The proposals will mean eight out of every 10 residents will live within 100 kilometres of an airport within 12 years, the General Administration of Civil Aviation said.