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The End of Globalization?

Der Spiegel, 11 December 2007

Great political change often begins with the smallest of doubts. Such a doubt is beginning to make itself heard in the US presidential campaign. Free trade, Hillary Clinton is saying, may not be so great after all. Could it signal the beginning of the end for globalization?

This Is the Sound of a Bubble Bursting

New York Times, 23 December 2007

TWO years ago, when Eric Feichthaler was elected mayor of this palm-fringed, middle-class city, he figured on spending a lot of time at ribbon-cuttings. Tens of thousands of people had moved here in recent years, turning musty flatlands into a grid of ranch homes painted in vibrant Sun Belt hues: lime green, apricot and canary yellow.

Chinese Unveil Mammoth Arts Center

New York Times, 24 December 2007

Compared variously to a floating pearl and a duck egg, the titanium-and-glass half-dome of the National Center for the Performing Arts formally opened its underwater entryway to Chinese officials and dignitaries here over the weekend.

EU scales back plans to limit airline emissions

International Herald Tribune, 20 December 2007

European Union governments on Thursday scaled back a draft law that would regulate emissions from any airline landing in or taking off from Europe. But the ministers still agreed to implement key measures within five years – raising the stakes in a battle with the United States over global environmental regulation.

[Mexico] Running just to stand still

The Economist, 20 December 2007

CANTARELL, in the Gulf of Mexico, was once the world's biggest offshore oilfield, holding over 35 billion barrels of the black stuff. Now, after nearly three decades, it is running out. At its peak in 2004 it produced 2.1m barrels of oil per day (b/d), making up 60% of Mexico's total output. That figure has already fallen by more than 500,000 b/d and could fall by another 200,000 b/d by the spring.

[UK] Motorists urged not to panic buy fuel

Evening News, 20 December 2007

[UK] Motorists were last night warned not to panic buy fuel before Christmas after it emerged that shortages were forcing sporadic closures on some forecourts. Yesterday Sainsburys in Pound Lane, on the outskirts of Norwich was shut because supplies of unleaded and diesel had dried up and the supermarket giant had also closed its forecourt at North Walsham.

Petrobras plans 10 more biodiesel plants

Reuters, 20 December 2007

Brazil's state oil company, Petrobras, plans to build 10 new biodiesel plants through 2012 in addition to three it is going to launch next year to meet Brazil's new diesel blending requirements.

Tindo Solar Bus

Adelaide City Council, December 2007

The Adelaide City Council has raised the standard in International sustainability with the introduction of the world’s first solar-powered electric bus.

E.P.A. Says 17 States CanӴ Set Emission Rules for Cars

New York Times, 19 December 2007

The Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday denied

57 mpg? That’s so 20 years ago

CNN Money, 19 December 2007

Car makers are confident they can meet new government rules calling for a national fleet average of 35 miles per gallon. But it will take a big technological push, they say. You might wonder why, since twenty years ago the car that got the best mileage in the nation was a real techno-wimp compared to what's on the road today. It wasn't even a hybrid. But it got better fuel economy than any car sold now – even the Toyota Prius.