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Biofuels – A way out of oil dependency? A way to garner electoral votes?- 24 Aug

Curtin Corner Seminar
4pm 24th August.

Executive Briefing Centre,

Level 2 West, Building 100

In this seminar Dr David Bennett (STCWA) will expand on the issues about biofuels and together with Dr Hongwei Wu will discuss 1) What choices does WA have? 2) Can bioenergy and biofuels provide a complete solution in WA? 3) "Peak oil" vs "Peak soil", will we really have "peak soil&qu

2007 Sustainable Transport Awards Launched

The 2007 Sustainable Transport Awards have been launched and the nomination form is attached below. This is the fourth year of the Awards and they will be presented in early December.  Get your nominations in now. The focus this year is to recognise efforts to cut CO2 in the transport sector.

Why oil companies wonӴ tell you world oil production has peaked-28 August

Breakfast with Dr David Worth, Convenor, Sustainable Transport Coalition (WA)



7:30am – 9:00am Tuesday, 28th August, 20

Bicycle Planning: What is going on in Perth? -12 Sept

Come and join us at the STC AGM and hear Jim Krynen (Public Transport Authority), Debra Mayrhofer (Bicycle Transportation