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STC AGM- 2 exciting speakers 11 September

The STCWA's AGM for 2006 is on Monday 11 September at 4.30pm at City West Lottery House, 2 Delhi St West Perth. All are invited to hear two exciting guest speakers: David Rice talking about oil vulnerability in Perth's suburbs and Jeff Pow will highlight some of the “people issues” surrounding the lack of strategic preparedness in Australian enterprises for the peak oil scenario.

Oil Depletion and Local Government- 14 September

This STC workshop (hosted by the City of Stirling) focuses on the practical alternative solutions to the rising petrol prices faced by residents of local government. It explores challenges for councils seeking to reduce transport energy use, lower emissions and to support sustainable transport. If petrol prices continue to rise too rapidly, or plans by the State and Federal governments are not enough, what can local councils do? This workshop will give you some ideas to put in place stra

Forget petrol prices, give us more public transport!

"Ethanol won't stop petrol prices going up", government told. 9th August 2006

Transport user groups around Australia have called on the federal government to provide an escape from rising petrol prices by upgrading public transport. Prime Minister J

2006 STCWA Awards Now Open for Nominations

The Sustainable Transport Coalition is inviting nominations for the opening of the 2006 Sustainable Transport Awards.  This is the third year that the awards have been offered and they recognise the wide range of innovative activities undertaken by individuals and organisations over the past 12 months. Nomination form is attached- please forward to your own networks. Nominations close 27 October.

Quantifying Energy: the 2006 BP Statistical Review of World Energy

You are invited to register for the Fifth BP Helios Breakfast.

Date:           Thursday 24 August 2006
Time:           0730-0845
Venue:    &