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State Government action falls away

For many of us in the transport sector, Minister Alannah MacTiernan has held a special place in our workspace, if not our hearts! Several submissions to the Senate Inquiry into Australia's fuel supplies even asked if she could be seconded to their own states, given her work on the southern railway and Network City, for example. But what has happened in her portfolio over the past 2 years

4th BP Helios Breakfast- 28 July

Dr David Worth – Convenor of the STC, will give his view on where global oil production is in terms of a peak, and what the WA community should do to address this challenge on Friday 28th.

4 Corners on Peak Oil- 10 July

Both the STC and ASPO-Aust have assisted over the past month with references and contacts for this coming Monday's show on ABC 4 Corners on 'peak oil'. It should be screened at 8.30pm on Monday 10th July. See ABC web site for the transcript afterwards:

Parliamentary Inquiry on Petrol Pricing

The Senate Economics Legislation Committee is having a short inquiry into petrol pricing. The Committee is inquiring into the price of petrol in Australia, with particular reference to:

  1. the relationship between the landed price of crude oil, refining costs, the wholesale price and the retail price of petrol;
  2. regional differences in the retail price of petrol;
  3. variations in th