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Sunday, 21 December 2014
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 STC 2013 Seminar- Presentations:  David Rice- "Walking Catchments"; Ian Ker- "Rediscovering Walking and Cycling as Economic Activities"; Craig Wooldridge DOT- "Moving People in Perth‐ The transport system for the future" 

Oil:Living with Even Less Policy   pdf living_with_ev_less_policy 1.04 Mb

Alternative Fuels Policy    pdf altfuelpolicy 865.31 Kb

STC sub-regional strategy submission     pdf sub-regional_strategies_stc_comments 3.30 Mb

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Our increasing dependence on cars and road freight has significant environmental, social and economic impacts. STC has commenced coordinating Transport Solutions Forums to bring together people trying to deal with transport issues at a local lovel. For a more liveable, sustainable future we need to provide access for people and products in a way that has much less impact on the community.


STC Committee members often talk about our ideas with the media (see list of contacts). As West Australians, we can help make WA more sustainable by:

  • Improving and promoting walking, cycling and public transport and changing our travel habits to reduce car use
  • Managing freight transport including moving more by rail and reducing impacts of heavy truck traffic
  • Making streets and stops safer, including lower traffic speeds and better security
  • Reducing oil dependence and shifting to cleaner, renewable energy for transport
  • Ensuring transport impacts are reflected in investment decisions and the costs users pay
  • Planning in a more integrated, inclusive way to involve the community and link land use and transport
Transport Choices Print

Perth is one of the most car dependent cities on Earth. But most people want a more balanced, sustainable transport system, where we rely less on the car. We have choices to make about our future. Making transport more sustainable is a challenge for all of us - citizens, community groups, schools, businesses and local, state and federal government. Living Smart's leaflet gives some good facts, figures and myths about transport alternatives in Perth.

Our definition of sustainability is that "the social, environmental and economic impacts of an action are all positive; now and for the next seven generations". See our papers Definition of Sustainability and Towards Sustainability developed in 2009.

Local government has a key role in developing sustainable transport solutions. The last STC Transport Solutions Forum was at the Town of Vincent on 27 September 2007 and held in conjunction with WALGA. It was titled Local Government Responses to Peak Oil & Climate Change.

STC Policies and Submissions Print

In 2009 the STC has prepared a statement on the role of light rail for Perth ( PDF 150kb- stc-lght-rail-v2-2009) and a statement on 'towards sustainability' (PDF 50kb- stc-twds-sus-v1-2009).

The most widely distributed STC policy is on oil vulnerability and titled doc Oil:Living with Less 127.00 Kb or the PDF of the actual brochure (672.12 Kb). A 2008 update of this policy is titled "Oil: Living with Even Less" pdf living_with_ev_less_policy 1.04 Mb .

STC makes regular submissions to government enquiries. These can be viewed on this site. The most recent policy was the Alternate Fuels Policy developed in February 2007 pdf altfuelpolicy 865.31 Kb. In late 2003 STC launched two policies, one on bicycle transport (text version-35kb) and one on walking (text version-37kb). In these we made important proposals to be implemented by Federal, State and local governments to encourage greater levels of safe cycling and walking in Perth.

The STC developed a submission to the WA's government climate change statement in February 2007- see heredoc co2_policies_v2 582.00 Kb. This follows the Sustainable Transport briefing paper and declaration on what we wanted political parties to address at the 2005 State election. Download it  here .

Beyond Oil Campaign Print

Information on STC's campaign in 2003 to make Australian governments more aware of the looming oil rollover and its impact on our transport and planning systems can be found here.

The STC organisied an exciting conference titled "Oil: Living with Less" in Perth on 9 August 2004 at the new Perth Convention Centre. Information about this conference (including speeches) can be found here.

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