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Posts from the ‘Walking’ Category

The road rule drivers always get wrong

Sydney Morning Herald, 15 February 2017
Another day, another police crackdown on pedestrians and cyclists. This week it was the NSW Police running a 12-hour blitz in the Sydney CBD and surrounding suburbs, called Operation Pedro.
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London cycling: pedestrians, congestion and learning from mistakes

The Guardian, 13 October 2016
As Sadiq Khan and his deputy for transport Val Shawcross assess applicants for the role of cycling and walking commissioner, it is becoming ever more apparent that much must be learned from the failings of the previous mayoral regime. Shawcross herself seems fully alive this, observing in a recent interview that cycling policy should not only be about servicing the existing (and rather narrow) commuter and otherwise committed cyclist demographic but properly recognising others’ interests too. “The way some of the previous schemes have been consulted on and designed has led to some residents, who don’t see themselves as cyclists, feeling disadvantaged,” she correctly observed. “I think it’s important that everybody sees that the cycling and walking agenda is for all of us”.

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Surely the 30-minute city make sense for primary school trips?

Crikey, 6 April 2016
I’ve pointed out before that Malcolm Turnbull’s vision of a city where all trips can be made by walking, cycling or public transport within a maximum of 30 minutes is a rubbish idea when it comes to the journey to work (see Is Turnbull’s “30-minute city” all spin (or a really useful idea)?) But what about the journey to school?
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Walking is the most fundamental means of transport, yet too often it is forgotten in transport decisions by individuals and governments. Healthy, no emissions, community friendly, no financial cost – there are lots of reasons why walking is a good idea. The STC Walking Policy, launched in late 2003, outlines what we think should be provided to encourage more walking by West Australians. Read more