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First tram tracks laid for George Street light rail

Sydney Morning Herald, 19 December 2016
[NSW] Transport Minister Andrew Constance is confident the state government and Sydney lord mayor Clover Moore will come to a mutually agreeable design for the light rail line and pedestrian boulevard down George Street. Mr Constance on Monday witnessed the first section of track laid on George Street for the tram project, which is scheduled to be finished in 2019.

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Getting smarter about city lights is good for us and nature too

The Conversation, 16 December 2016
Ideas to enhance the liveability and sustainability of our cities have attracted a lot of interest recently. Examples include establishing or enhancing “urban forests”, or “bringing back nature” into cities to support animals and ecosystems displaced by human activity. While these projects focus on creating space for nature and enhancing biodiversity within cities, they rarely consider the impact on nature of the artificial lighting used across the urban landscape.

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Yes, we need to introduce congestion pricing. Here’s how to do it.

Crikey, 15 December 2016
We have to do something about traffic. Expert consensus is we need transport pricing — especially using price signals to ration access to congested roads. This idea comes up time and again — most recently in an Infrastructure Victoria 30-year plan. It is exactly as popular with the wonks as it is unpopular in the real world. A tiny number of cities have done it (notably London), but no sane Australian politician will implement it any time soon.
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Neighbours’ fears about affordable housing are worse than any impacts

The Conversation, 5 December 2016
Housing affordability is a hot topic in Australia. Governments are increasingly recognising that more needs to be done to provide a greater range of affordable housing options, especially in the major cities. It is well documented, however, that proposals for affordable housing development often encounter opposition from host community members.

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NSW Government ditches proposed laws to force bike riders to carry ID

ABC News, 2 December 2016
The New South Wales Government has backpedalled over controversial laws that would have fined cyclists for not carrying identification.
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Active Transport Victoria

13 October 2016
The Victorian Government has established Active Transport Victoria (ATV), a unit within Transport for Victoria, to promote the benefits of walking and cycling in Victoria.

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Is decentralisation regional sprawl by another name?

Crikey, 14 November 2016
Decentralisation is a perennial political favourite because intuitively it seems sensible; but current proposals look a lot more like regional sprawl than regional development.
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Criminal cartel charges laid against K-Line

T&L News, 17 November 2016
Criminal charges have been laid against Japanese-based company Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha (K-Line) in relation to alleged cartel conduct concerning the international shipping of cars, trucks, and buses to Australia between July 2009 and September 2012. The matter was before the Downing Centre Local Court [Sydney] for a first mention on 15 November 2016.

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Records fall as wind, hydro match brown coal generation in October

REnew Economy, 14 November 2016
In October, renewable energy generators supplied 21.7 per cent of all NEM generation, much higher than any previous month in both absolute and relative terms since complete data became available, with record hydro and wind generation. Wind and hydro were just 63GWh (0.4% of total generation) less than the share of brown coal. Total demand in the NEM was almost precisely unchanged over the year to October 2016, while demand fell slightly in WA.

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Notorious Napier St bridge in Footscray still awaiting fix as $600,000 for upgrade sits unused

Herald Sun, 10 November 2016
SAFETY upgrades at a notorious Footscray rail bridge never went ahead despite being promised by the State Government more than a year ago. Leader can reveal a planned $600,000 safety upgrade to realign the Napier St rail bridge announced in June last year never went ahead.
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