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Australia wind energy’s record day of production in August

REnew economy, 22 September 2017
Australia set a new record for wind energy production on August 16, producing an average 3,629MW over one 30 minute settlement period to the National Electricity Market (which doesn’t include W.A. or the Northern Territory). The record, noted by Hugh Saddler in The Australia Institute-sponsored monthly update of emissions and energy supply, meant that wind energy counted for more than 17 per cent of total grid demand.

The following day (August 17), Saddler notes, the combined share of wind and hydro generation in total grid level NEM generation reached 25 per cent of grid level sent out generation, just at the time of evening peak.

Earlier in the day, total renewable generation, including rooftop solar, reached over 30 per cent of total generation, large and small, across the NEM.

Over the month, total renewable energy generation share across the NEM was 18 per cent, with Victoria a net importer of electricity from South Australia, reversing the more usual pattern of net exports. In August, Victoria in turn was a net exporter to NSW, underlining the case for a new inter-connector from SA to NSW.

Australia wind energy’s record day of production in August