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Greens roll out first electric bus made at Avalon, push for more

Daily Telegraph, 8 February 2017
THE first of several Avalon-made electric buses have hit the Princes Fwy, with the Victorian Greens pushing for State Government investment in the environmentally friendly people-movers. Melbourne MP Ellen Sandell and her Greens colleagues parked the hi-tech bus outside State Parliament before heading inside to call for an inquiry into the benefits of electric vehicles.

“Electric vehicles are a no-brainer, they reduce pollution and lead to quieter streets and cleaner skies,” Ms Sandell said.

The AVASS buses are being manufactured at a factory in Avalon, from where they’ll be heading to Adelaide and the ACT.

Greens transport spokeswoman Samantha Dunn said it’s time to look at ways to incentivise electric vehicle use across Victoria.

“Electric buses should be a major part of Victoria’s public transport system — both in the city and in regional Victoria,” Ms Dunn said.

She said Victorians were “lucky” to have AVASS and more could be done to invest in electric vehicle manufacturing to “create a new chapter for Victoria’s automobile industry”.

“AVASS’ existing factory can pump out one bus a day,” Ms Dunn said.

“With the right policies and incentives, it may be possible to attract further investment.”

G21 chief executive Elaine Carbines showed her support for AVASS on Wednesday, and said ramping up electric vehicle building in the region would be an “exciting” opportunity.

“That is a really great initiative for our region,” Ms Carbines said.

“We’ve always been a manufacturing city, and this is the next generation of manufacturing”.