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11 October 2016
5802. Ms R. Saffioti to the Minister for Transport:
I refer to the proposed roll out of Automatic Train Control (ATC) technology across the rail network as described on page 35 of the “Public Transport Plan Transport @3.5 million” and ask:
(a) over what period of time will ATC be rolled out over the Midland line; and
(b) what is the expected cost of this roll out, and what is the source of funding?
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Queensland gets breakthrough 747-8F service for new country airport

Crikey, 13 October 2016
It’s quite a sight in Queensland’s Darling Downs when a 747-8 Freighter turns up at a rural airport, and from next month it will happen weekly.
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The driverless, car-sharing road ahead

The Economist, 9 January 2016
THE whizzy gadgets for geeks to goggle at during CES, an annual consumer-electronics show in Las Vegas, have typically been small enough to pick up. But they have been joined in recent years by an increasing number of cars. The Detroit motor show, America’s biggest and glitziest, starts later this month, but many in the car industry now regard CES, which opened on January 5th, as a more important event. Mary Barra, GM’s boss, unveiled a new production version of its Bolt electric car at Las Vegas this week.
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Japan has started turning abandoned golf courses into solar power plants

Business Insider Aust, 17 July 2015
During real estate booms, developers have a tendency to build more than is necessary. When those booms go bust, we get to sit back and watch as people come up with creative uses for all that waste. This is what’s happening in Japan, where developers built too many golf courses over the last few decades after demand shot up in the 1980s. Now the industry is in decline, with participation in the sport down 40% from the 1990s, and abandoned golf courses are starting to pop up. Kyocera’s solution: turn the abandoned green space into solar farms.

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Dutch cyclists live longer than people who don’t use a bike

Dutch News, 22 June 2015
Cyclists in the Netherlands live on average six months longer than their non-biking counterparts, according to researchers at the University of Utrecht. Each year, cycling prevents around 11,000 deaths, the researchers say in the June 11 edition of the American Journal of Public Health.

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Paris climate agreement comes into force: now time for Australia to step up

The Conversation, 6 October 2016
The Paris climate agreement is set to enter into force next month after the European Union and Canada ratified the agreement overnight. The agreement, reached last December, required ratification by at least 55 countries accounting for 55% of global emissions to become operational.
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London cycling: pedestrians, congestion and learning from mistakes

The Guardian, 13 October 2016
As Sadiq Khan and his deputy for transport Val Shawcross assess applicants for the role of cycling and walking commissioner, it is becoming ever more apparent that much must be learned from the failings of the previous mayoral regime. Shawcross herself seems fully alive this, observing in a recent interview that cycling policy should not only be about servicing the existing (and rather narrow) commuter and otherwise committed cyclist demographic but properly recognising others’ interests too. “The way some of the previous schemes have been consulted on and designed has led to some residents, who don’t see themselves as cyclists, feeling disadvantaged,” she correctly observed. “I think it’s important that everybody sees that the cycling and walking agenda is for all of us”.

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