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Reclaiming the streets … for cars? Why Bucharest is reining in outdoor events

The Guardian, 4 August 2016
While cities around the world embrace pedestrianisation, Bucharest’s new mayor is blaming traffic on street events such as Via Sport, which closes a central boulevard to cars on weekends. Is the Romanian capital taking a step backwards?
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US takes no action against Middle East global carriers

Plane Talking/Crikey, 3 August 2016
Remember the campaign by the US3 (American, Delta, United) against the wicked sovereign owned ME3 (Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways)? Its fallen in a heap, and America will take no action against them.
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Make your comment on WA Govt’s Transport @ 3.5 Million plan

The WA Government’s new Transport @ 3.5 Million plan has just been released.

A three month comment period opened on 29 July 2016 and closes at 5:00 pm, 28 October 2016.

See this link for more information about the plan:

This is the link to the online survey form to provide your feedback:

Here is a link to a PDF of the full report (large file warning- 19.2MB):

Here is a link to a PDF of the summary report (large file warning- 10.2MB):

Plunging cost of big solar in Australia

Renew Economy, 29 July 2016
Australia still does not have a significant amount of utility-scale solar installed on a global scale, but its rapid short-term growth has already been enough to drive costs down faster than even the most optimistic project developers could have predicted. Canadian Solar, one of the top five solar module manufacturers in the world, and a major project developer, last year predicted that the levellised cost of large-scale solar in Australia would fall by half from around $150/MWh in 2015 to $75/MWh in 2020.

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Kuwait announces petrol price hike of 83% – to 55 cents a litre

The Guardian, 2 August 2016
Kuwait is to raise petrol prices by more than 80% from 1 September as part of economic reforms aimed at countering falling oil revenues. A statement after the weekly cabinet meeting said the price of low-octane petrol would rise by 41% to 28 US cents (£0.21) a litre while high-grade petrol would increase by 61% to 35 cents.

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