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Smart Cities Plan offers signs of hope, but are Turnbull and Taylor just dreamin’?

The Conversation, 2 May 2016
For committed urbanists, any sign of serious urban policy action by the federal government is welcome. Early announcements by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his appointment of a minister for cities were cause for some celebration.

The subsequent appointment of Angus Taylor as assistant minister for cities and digital transformation continued the positive outlook; a relatively new parliamentarian with a good track record of business development and an analytical disposition was entrusted to advance this policy agenda.
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Rheem says strongly opposes “inequitable” changes to solar hot water rules

RenewEconomy, 2 May 2016
Rheem Australia – the owner of the country’s biggest installer of solar hot water equipment, Solarhart – says it “strongly opposes” the change in standards that will require all future installations to be facing north, rather than east or west as is often the practice.
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