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2016 Perth Bike Week wrap up

Bouquets to University Bicycle Club (UBC UWA) for their City Soapbox series during WA Bike Week last week. A very brief wrap up of what each speaker had to say (with some links) is as follows:

Bicycle transport and why councils can’t afford to ignore it
Matt Buckels, transport planner and City of Vincent councillor

Cycling’s dirty secret: what the rise of urban biking is really all about
Heinrich Benz, former CEO of advocacy group Bicycle Transport Alliance

The economic case for investing in safe bike infrastructure (but bring more than a can of paint)
Andrew Wilkinson, transport economist and author of the Perth Cycle Ring

Cycling policy and why people in Perth think it’s normal to drive 700m to the shops
Oliver Laing, PhD candidate researching transport behaviour, culture and policy–copy-amsterdam-by-putting-cycling-on-the-agenda-20160316-gnl2d9.html

Cycleways to create communities
Rachel Pemberton, City of Fremantle councillor


Ebikes in the news: