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[US] House Bill would prevent airlines from charging fees for bathrooms

The Hill, 9 December 2015
A House Democrat has filed a bill to prevent airlines from charging passengers for the use of bathrooms on planes. The measure, from Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-Ill.), would prohibit airlines from adding bathroom fees to the à la carte charges that have become popular in the aviation industry in recent years.

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Runway overruns ‘happen quite often’: Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker

The Age, 11 December 2015
Akbar Al Baker, the chief executive of Qatar Airways, which is doubling its flights to and from Australia next year, has claimed runway overrun incidents like one that damaged one of his airline’s Boeing 777s upon take-off from Miami in September “happen quite often”.
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Dwindling fuel supplies putting Australia’s security at risk, Liberal senator Bill Heffernan warns

ABC News, 10 December 2015
Liberal senator Bill Heffernan has warned Australia’s security is being put at risk because of its dwindling fuel supplies and is urging the Government to address the problem.
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New Australian book- “Cycling Futures”

Cycling Futures, Edited by Jennifer Bonham and Marilyn Johnson

$66.00 | 2015 | Paperback | 978-1-925261-16-5 | 472 pp

FREE | 2015 | Ebook (PDF) | 978-1-925261-17-2 | 472 pp-

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Where The Carbon Emissions Are

R-squared, 4 December 2015
With world leaders meeting in Paris this week and next to formulate plans for tackling carbon emissions, I believe it’s critical to understand the source of those emissions. After all, if you are going to solve a problem, you better make sure you have a good understanding of the problem. Otherwise, as the great philosopher Yogi Berra might say, your solution to the problem won’t necessarily solve the problem.
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OPEC decision to keep output high pulls oil prices close to 2015 lows

CNBC, 7 December 2015
Crude prices fell on Monday in the first trading session after OPEC members failed to agree on output targets to reduce a bulging oil glut that has cut prices by more than 60 percent since June 2014.
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Cyclist’s close encounter with a truck demonstrates why a metre matters

Canberra Times, 8 December 2015
This is why a metre matters. A helmet cam has captured the heart-stopping moment a cyclist was almost sideswiped by a TNT Express semi-trailer at the Barton Highway turn-off on Northbourne Avenue. The footage, recorded by Canberra cyclist Andres Munoz on Monday, comes just over a month after a trial began of new laws mandating motorists maintain a minimum one-metre buffer zone when overtaking cyclists.
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How the world is falling in love with e-bikes

Renew Economy, 7 December 2015
The world of e-bikes is a fast growing one with international courier companies and the super rich yachting set amongst their fans. In China e-bike use has gone from virtually zero in 2005 to an estimated 230 million this year. This represents the largest adoption of an alternative fuel technology in the history of motorisation.
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The city whisperer

Smart Magazine, 3 November 2015
Jan Gehl champions something that few architects have mastered: cities for people. The Dane favors compact neighborhoods over grand master plans. The 79-year-old city planner values the wishes of residents over architecture. And his resounding success proves him right.

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PTA Annual Report 2014-15

Public Transport Authority’s Annual Report for 2014-15:
Operational report-