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Why Solar is Quietly ֠and Quickly ֠Taking Over the Energy Industry

Ochen, 28 January 2015

While the world was busy worrying about the cost of oil and uncertainty in the Middle East, solar power quietly came into its own. New technology and lower costs are making solar an increasingly dominant force, one whose momentum has accelerated in recent years. From now through 2016, use of solar power is projected to increase faster than any other source of energy, both renewable and non-renewable, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

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Is Apple making an electric car to battle Tesla, Google or Climate Change?

The Converation, 16 February 2015

If you thought it has been a while since you heard any more rumours about the long-awaited Apple TV, they are about to be replaced by even more exciting possibility that Apple may be about to build an electric car. The Wall Steet Journal kicked things off with a report that Apple had been hiring “hundreds” of staff with automotive design skills to work on a project called “Titan” that may be a self-driving electric vehicle configured in a (not-so-exciting) mini-van design.

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Airbus sees big changes in Billionaire tastes for jets

Crikey, 13 February 2015

Billionaires are upsizing their jets, while sovereign states are looking for aircraft which increasingly offer a VIP zone at the front and airline style seating at the back, according to Airbus. The aircraft maker even commissioned a needless to say, very private Billionaires study, to nuance its offerings to that market, while recently launching new dual zone concepts for government jets that might be just as functional for dealing with humanitarian or natural crisis airlifts as for transporting heads of state at short notice.

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Shell boss calls fossil fuel critics ‘naive’ but admits Big Oil has ‘credibility issue’

The Guardian, 12 February 2015

The head of Shell has launched a stinging attack on increasingly vocal critics who are calling for fossil fuels to be left in the ground, accusing them of peddling naive and impractical solutions to climate change.

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Citi: Oil Could Plunge to $20, and This Might Be ‘the End of OPEC’

Bloomberg, 10 February 2015

The recent surge in oil prices is just a "head-fake," and oil as cheap as $20 a barrel may soon be on the way, Citigroup said in a report on Monday as it lowered its forecast for crude.

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Sydney opens two more rail stations for $1.8 billion

Crikey, 9 February 2015

Sydney has just opened an extravagently costly SW Rail Link which will never, ever, be able to accommodate the trains that will be run on its incomplete NW Rail Link after it opens in four years time.

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Tony Abbott denies China’s carbon trading plan shows he is out of step

The Guardian, 10 February 2015

Tony Abbott has denied that China’s plan to launch a national carbon trading market shows he is out of step internationally on climate change, claiming his Direct Action policy is getting “more and more support” in Australia and abroad.

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China to launch carbon market middle of 2016

Reuters, 4 February 2015

China plans to initially cap emissions from six industrial sectors, such as power generators and chemical plants, in a national carbon market likely to be launched by the middle of next year, a government official said on Wednesday. The national carbon market in the world’s top emitter of greenhouse gases is likely to regulate 3-4 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide a year by 2020 and be worth up to 400 billion yuan (US$65 billion), which would make it twice as large as the EU market, currently the world’s biggest.

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Is Ending Segregation the Key to Ending Poverty?

The Atlantic, 3 February 2015

Chicago's experiment in relocating poor African American families to rich white suburbs seems to be a success. So why are so few other cities doing the same?

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Auditor-general to investigate adequacy of WA’s metropolitan cycle path network

ABC News, 3 February 2015

Cycling groups have welcomed the auditor-general's decision to investigate the adequacy of Western Australia's metropolitan cycle path network.

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