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Giants smash public transport records

The West Australian, 18 February 2015

It will surprise few who used Perth public transport at the weekend but now it's official. Never have more people gone on Perth's trains, buses and ferries than for the three days of The Giants, with about 1.73 million passengers in 72 hours.

The Public Transport Authority said yesterday trains (559,000) and buses (133,600) carried more than 692,000 people on Saturday, far exceeding any Australia Day Skyworks, Perth Royal Show or CHOGM.

Friday's 556,550 passengers was pipped only by Saturday as the biggest day on record.

Ferry records also fell, with more than 20,000 passengers who used the service over the three days exceeding the numbers normally carried in a month.

PTA spokesman David Hynes said the volume of passengers was so great that at times PTA officials opened the gates and let people travel for free.