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The great imaginary California oil boom: Over before it started

Resilience, 25 May 2014

It turns out that the oil industry has been pulling our collective leg. The pending 96 percent reduction in estimated deep shale oil resources in California revealed last week in the Los Angeles Times calls into question the oil industry's premise of a decades-long revival in U.S. oil production and the already implausible predictions of American energy independence.

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Ikea Announces Plans to Launch an Electric Bicycle!

Inhabitat, 27 May 2014

Ikea has tried to change the way you eat, the way you shop and the way you light your home, and now the Swedish retailer is trying to change the way you travel. Ikea is launching an electric bike, dubbed the Folkvänlig, that will only set you back $1,000 (even less if you are an Ikea Family member). The bike will be released in Austria initially, features six different driving modes and a has top speed of 45 mph, which means that even longer commutes are do-able.

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[QLD]Cycle laws have made drivers kinder to bikers, police say

News Mail, 27 May 2014

NEWLY introduced bicycle laws have changed motorists' behaviour towards their two-wheeled friends for the better, according to the Bundaberg Road Policing Unit.

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France Is Paying People To Bike To Work

Business Insider, 2 June 2014

France has started a six-month experiment with paying people to cycle to work, joining other European governments in trying to boost bicycle use to boost people’s health, reduce air pollution and cut fossil fuel consumption.

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