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UMD Researchers Address Economic Dangers of ‘Peak Oil’

University of Maryland, 16 October 2013

Researchers from the University of Maryland and a leading university in Spain demonstrate in a new study which sectors could put the entire U.S. economy at risk when global oil production peaks ("Peak Oil"). This multi-disciplinary team recommends immediate action by government, private and commercial sectors to reduce the vulnerability of these sectors.

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City of Subiaco Bike Plan Survey

The City of Subiaco is conducting
a survey to inform the development of the new City of Subiaco Bike Plan. 

you ride a bike in the City of Subiaco, and even if you don't, we want to hear
from you.

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[MELB] Can we protect that intangible ҳense of placeҿ

Crikey, 16 October 2013

It’s hard to protect an intangible quality like the culture of a place because what gave rise to it isn’t clear. Governments need to work much harder to understand the underlying mechanics of place.

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628. Hon KEN TRAVERS to the parliamentary secretary
representing the Minister for Transport:

I refer to the answer to question without notice 604.

(1) How much of the $144.662 million was provided by —

(a) the commonwealth government;

(b) Brookfield Rail to meet obligations under its
contract; and

(c) the state government?

(2) Where will the remaining $18.924 million be spent?

(3) What other sections of tier 1 or 2 lines have had
none of the $144.662 million spent on them, and why?

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Can the regions save cities from sprawl?

Crikey, 14 October 2013

Siphoning metropolitan growth off to regional centres is proposed as an answer to urban sprawl. But is it a case of shifting the problem elsewhere at higher cost?

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You’re Not Dreaming. Those Airline Seats Are Getting Thinner

Huffington Post, 15 October 2013

It's not your imagination. There really is a tighter squeeze on many planes these days. The big U.S. airlines are taking out old, bulky seats in favor of so-called slimline models that take up less space from front to back, allowing for five or six more seats on each plane.

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New Airbus A350 on track, but superjumbo sales ‘disappointing’

The Age, 15 October 2013

The head of European aerospace giant EADS Monday said its aircraft unit Airbus is on track to deliver the first A350 XWB by the end of next year. The wide-bodied aircraft is the latest passenger jet from Airbus as the Toulouse-based manufacturer ramps up production in a bid to overtake US rival Boeing and become the world's biggest plane producer within four or five years.

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Trial hopes to shut the door on bike accidents

The Age, 10 October 2013

A cutting-edge ''anti-dooring'' bike lane will be tested on a busy Hawthorn road that claimed the life of a cyclist three years ago. A driver opened her car door and knocked the cyclist under a truck in Glenferrie Road in 2010. An arts-law student, James Cross, 22, was killed, becoming Victoria's first recorded death by dooring.

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[VIC] Train overcrowding getting worse: Greens

The Age, 14 October 2013

Overcrowding on Melbourne's trains has increased under the Coalition government, contradicting official passenger counts that show the peak-hour squeeze has eased, an analysis by Greens leader Greg Barber has found.

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The fast-approaching end of the jumbo jet era

Financial Times, 9 October 2013

With its sale of composite, fuel-efficient A350 jets to Japan Airlines this week, Airbus entered a market that Boeing has, until now, controlled. It also proved Boeing’s point. The era of the grand aviation project, symbolised by Airbus’s decision more than a decade ago to build the A380 as a superjumbo rival to the Boeing 747, is over. Airlines do not want jumbos. They want midsized aircraft that are cheap to fly and easy to deploy – as the Boeing 787 will be if the company can stop its lithium-ion batteries catching fire.

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