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Fruit trees planted in Unley park as part of Unley Council trial

Adelaide Now, 15 August 2012

DOZENS of fruit and nut trees have been planted in an Unley reserve in a trial to encourage people to grow produce in their backyards.   

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$420 million airport project inches past 70 per cent completion

Canberra Times, 20 August 2012

Shaped like a stingray the size of Woden Plaza, Canberra Airport's new $420 million terminal is 70 per cent complete. Since 2008 an estimated three million passengers a year have passed through the terminal re-construction site unaware of the cutting edge infrastructure being installed under their feet. In a warren of halls and rooms below and besides the public areas a gas-fired tri-generation power station, long banks of switch boards and 22 kilometres of cabling layered on trays keep the place heated, cooled and operational as a high security facility.

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Are 20 [mph] streets really less safe?

SusTrans, 15 August 2012

Over the weekend news
reports appeared
suggesting accident levels are soaring on
streets where we have 20 miles per hour limits instead of 30. Instinctively –
and because I have an awareness of the evidence so far on this issue – these
reports seemed odd to me. How can slower speed limits be more dangerous?

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Bike path rage rides counter to expert opinion

Sydney Morning Herald, 20 August 2012

THE O'Farrell government says they are in the wrong spot, and they are the defining political issue of the coming Sydney lord mayoral elections. But hundreds of pages of briefing documents prepared by the state's roads department say that cycleways in Sydney's CBD make little or no impact on the city's general traffic congestion.

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Fracking floors energy giants

The Independent, 19 August 2012

BHP Billiton is about to become the next victim of the latest asset bubble to
burst – US shale gas, the rock-based hydrocarbon that is released via the
controversial process of fracking.
A fortnight after writing $2.84bn (£1.84bn) off the value of its Fayetteville
shale gas business in Arkansas, BHP is poised to reveal on Wednesday that the
charge helped push down its profits by a massive 40 per cent – to $14.2bn – in
the year to June 30.

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526. Hon KEN TRAVERS to the minister representing the Minister for Transport:

(1) Can the Treasurer and Minister for Transport confirm that he has claimed that the estimated balance for the Perth parking management account will be $7 million?

(2) In which financial year does the Treasurer and Minister for Transport expect the estimated balance will be $7 million?

(3) What was the estimated balance for the Perth parking management account in the 2015–16 year used to produce the detailed financial projections in appendix 1 of budget paper No 3 for 2012–13?

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5623. Hon Ken Travers to the Minister for Finance representing the Minister for Transport

How many rail car sets are required to provide normal scheduled services across the Perth rail network during —

(a) peak times; and

(b) non-peak times?

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8251. Mr J.N. Hyde to the Minister for Transport

In relation to letters sent to people within the electorate of Perth required to pay the state government Perth parking licence fee, which state that one of the Minister’s new initiatives to be paid from the fund is the provision of a new Green CAT bus route between the Leederville, City West and Esplanade stations, will the Minister:

(a) please detail the exact route of the Green CAT line;

(b) please detail the precise section of the route which is not included in the Perth parking licence boundary; and

(c) please provide detailed costing for the Green CAT establishment, infrastructure and annual costs?

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Arctic Drilling Will Begin This Year, Shell Official Says

New York Times, 17 August 2012

Despite embarrassing delays and trouble with its equipment, Shell remains confident that it will get final approval from regulators and be able to begin drilling for oil in Arctic waters off the Alaskan coast this summer, the oil company’s top Alaska executive said on Friday.       

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City of Adelaide’s draft “The Integrated Movement Strategy 2012-22”

The City of Adelaide's draft "The Integrated Movement Strategy 2012-22"  sets directions for creating great streets and places for people.

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