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Oil Trades Below $80 for a Third Day on Economic Outlook

Bloomberg, 25 June 2012

Oil traded below $80 a barrel for a third day in New York amid concern that Europe’s debt crisis will curb demand for fuels.

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10 mouse clicks to calculate Australian crude oil depletion of 83 per cent

Crude Oil Peak, 25 June 2012

Do it yourself. This takes 2 minutes. Australian government web site.

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The Fracking of America

CNBC, 20 June 2012

It's almost impossible to
overestimate the importance of fracking to the [US] natural
gas industry and the nation. It's also difficult to understate the controversy
surrounding the environmental issues of the rock fracturing technology. Our special report,"Who's Winning The
Natural Gas Game?"
addresses both issues and more.

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Cyclist accused of vehicular manslaughter over pedestrian’s death pleads not guilty

MSNBC, 20 June 2012

A cyclist charged with vehicular manslaughter in the death of an elderly pedestrian at a busy San Francisco intersection pleaded not guilty Wednesday. Software developer Chris Bucchere, 36, is accused of recklessly speeding downhill through a red light and into an intersection crowded with pedestrians in the city's Castro District on March 29. He struck Sutchi Hui, 71, who was crossing the street with his wife and died of his injuries four days later.

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Russia 2012 Reserve Fund Plan ‘Likely to Fail’

RIA Novosti, 23 June 2012

Falling oil prices are threatening to undermine Russia's plans to set aside
800 billion rubles ($24 billion) for its anti-crisis mechanism this year, the
country's finance minister said on Saturday.

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ASPO 2012 Conference videos

The Impending World Oil Shortage: Learning from the Past – Robert Hirsch:

Peaking at Peak Oil – Prof Kjell Aleklett (ASPO President):

The Social Costs of High Oil Prices – Michael Cerveny:

100% Reneweable Energy: More Than Just a Vision – Peter Droege:

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Fuel Efficiency Takes Baby Steps in the Auto Industry

New York Times, 20 June 2012

Thanks to climate change policies and expensive gasoline, electric cars — and especially hybrid electrics — have made some inroads in the U.S. vehicle market. Still, the internal combustion engine is not about to go the way of the dodo. Mainstream engine makers are continually pushing forward incremental improvements and a few companies are developing radically different technologies.       

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Dreamliner’s dimmable windows ‘not dark enough for long-haul flights’

Sydney Morning Herald, 21 June 2012

Boeing's launch customer for its 787 Dreamliner, Japan's All Nippon Airways says the plane's electronic dimmable windows are not dark enough for long haul flights and has asked the US aircraft maker to come up with a way to make the plane's cabin darker.

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Dispatches from Rio: Keeping Crowding Cities Moving

New York Times, 20 June 2012

While the world’s wealthy countries appear to be inching toward “peak travel,” a decoupling of wealth and miles traveled, that is far from what’s going on in the world’s fast-growing cities in developing countries. Finding ways to keep such cities functional — and in particular mobile — as the human growth spurt hits a crest in the next few decades is vitally important if humanity is to experience a relatively smooth journey in what some have called “the century of the city.”

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Australia’s oil security spill

Business Spectator, 20 June 2012

For all the talk about Australia’s resource and energy riches and the country’s economy riding the waves of a resource boom, one facet of the country’s energy situation has largely been under the radar – the country’s growing reliance on oil imports.

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