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 3958. Hon Ken Travers to the Minister for Finance representing the Minister for Transport (1) How many articulated buses has the Public Transport Authority (PTA) decommissioned or sold in the last two years?

(2) How many new articulated buses has the PTA purchased in the last two years?

(3) How many bus routes have had an articulated bus replaced by two standard rigid buses in the last two years?


375. Dr M.D. NAHAN to the Minister for Transport: At the last state election, the Liberal Party committed when in government to spend $20 million to advance the project development of a vital road link, Roe Highway stage 8. Would the minister please advise the house of the progress on this road?


MS A.R. MITCHELL (Kingsley) [9.49 am]: My grievance is to the Minister for Transport. I thank the minister for taking this grievance, as I applaud his initiative to review and increase the bus services in the metropolitan area. I am certainly one who has been known to speak about the routes of buses, the apparent lack of services for the people living in the suburbs and the set-up of a bus system that is not the best system to service the people in the community. I have also sp

OPEC leaves output on hold, causing oil price jump

Chron, 8 June 2011
OPEC unexpectedly left its production levels unch

Britons unmoved by pro-cycling campaigns

The Guardian, 3 June 2011

Years of government efforts to promote cycling have had almost no impact on a sceptical population who largely view bikes as either children's toys or the preserve of Lycra-clad hobbyists, a university study has found. The coalition has pledged more than £500m over five years on p

Universal bike lanes: the only way to mass cycling?

The Guardian, 3 June 2011

A major academic study has spent the past couple of years looking in depth into why people cycle (or don't cycle) in four English towns. I won't go into the research too much here, simply as I've written a separate news story on it, which will be up soon – I'll link to it when I can. But I wanted to consider its main conclusion: the UK will never get anything close to a European-style mass