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Desire plunges on unsuccessful Falklands well

Reuters, 18 April 2011

British oil explorer Desire Petroleum (DES.L) said it had not found oil at its latest well in the Falkland Islands and would need further funds for future drilling, wiping over half the value off its shares.

Some gas stations are starting to charge $5 a gallon

USA Today, 17 April 2011

As gas prices continue to rise, we're starting to find isolated instances of stations charging US $5 for a gallon of regular.

OPEC worried by high oil price, patchy global recovery

Reuters, 18 April 2011

High oil prices represent a potentially major burden for importers with global economic recovery still fragile, leading OPEC ministers said on Monday.

Oil shortages and environmental decline could create ‘global quagmire’: military report

Vancouver Sun, 17 April 2011

The planet is running out of oil and heading toward a future that could trap Canada in a violent spiral of decline in the economy and the environment, a special research unit within the Canadian military is predicting.

Portland Is The Only City In America That Is Ready For The Energy Crisis

Business Insider, 18 April 2011

Portland, Oregon is now far enough along in its transition away from oil that by 2015 one can imagine this city being able to market and sell its own example to the rest of the world.

One year after spill, where’s the oil?

Cosmic Log, 18 April 2011

One year ago this week, an oil-rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico touched off a deep-sea leak amounting to 2.5 million gallons of Louisiana light crude every day for months. In all, nearly 207 million gallons (4.9 million barrels) of oil are thought to have gushed from the leak, along with huge volumes of methane. So what's happened to all those petrochemic

World Energy Outlook- 30 May

Jeremy Bentham, Vice President Global Business Environment, Shell to present to CEDA on May 30.

This is a public event and will be held at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre from 12.00pm to 2.00pm. Supported by CEDA Member Allens Arthur Robinson.


282. Hon LYNN MacLAREN to the minister representing the Minister for Transport:

(1) Is the minister aware that the International Energy Agency has stated that production of conventional crude oil peaked in 2006?

Preparing for $3+ per litre fuel

Online Opinion, 14 April 2011

Australians will inevitably have to face the reality of higher fuel prices. Since the late 1940's when war-time fuel rationing ended and most people began driving cars, we have come to think of cheap abundant fuel as a right. Governments' policies have reduced fuel taxes far below real costs. Many of us now have a habit of driving alone in large over-powered cars (average occupancy 1.3 people and fuel consumption 11L/ 100 km). Our car fleet

High Prices Sow Seeds of Erosion

New York Times, 12 April 2011

When prices for corn and soybeans surged last fall, Bill Hammitt, a farmer in the fertile hill country of western Iowa, began to see the bulldozers come out, clearing steep hillsides of trees and pastureland to make way for more acres of the state’s staple crops. Now, as spring planting begins, with the chance of drenching rains, Mr. Hammitt worries that such steep ground is at high risk for soil erosion — a farmland scourge that feels a