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Chile Energy Minister Aims To Ease Tensions Over Gas Price Rise

Fox Business, 17 January 2011

Chile's Energy and Mining Minister Laurence Golborne will try to ease tensions in the crisis in the nation's southernmost Magallanes region over a planned natural-gas price increase. Unionized workers at state oil-and-gas company Empresa Nacional del Petroleo have threatened to walk out at the Aconcagua and Bio Bio refineries, the nation's largest, and to cut natural-gas supply to Canadian methanol producer Methanex Corp. (MEOH, MX.T), i

David Engwicht workshop-April 4 and 5

Art of Place Making & Creating Resilient Cities- Two inspirational workshops with 'Legendary Ringmaster' David Engwicht


CUSP seminar: 20 January 2011

CUSP is starting its Morning Teas and Seminars for 2011 on Thu 20th January.
And this is to invite you to the first Seminar in 2011 which is presented by Prof. Peter Newman. All details are below:

Presenter: Professor Peter Newman
Date: Thursday, 20 January 2011
Time: 11.30 am
Venue: 3 Pakenham St, Fremantle

Topic: An Indian Journey

Tax on carbon: The only way to save our planet?

The Independent, 4 January 2011

Professor James Hansen's last formal engagement was delivering a keynote paper to the American Geophysical Union Autumn meeting. After that, he spent the holidays not enjoying wintry walks or taking advantage of the sales, but doing something altogether more industrious. "I'm writing a paper to provide the scientific basis for [law] suits against the government – just to make them do their job," he says.

High taxes on car users might not be the answer

The Independent, 4 January 2011

Taxes on car use – like those on alcohol and tobacco – provoke bitter arguments about real goals and hidden agendas. Is the ultimate aim to curb people's bad habits, be they driving, drinking or smoking, or is it more about raising revenue on the sly, without putting up income tax? We can expect renewed debate on those familiar lines now that the congestion charge has been scrapped in west London, and now that the minister for dece

Ministers’ drive to keep Britain’s motorists happy

The Independent, 4 January 2011

Conservative ministers introduced a series of pro-car measures yesterday and declared the end of Labour's alleged "war on motorists".